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Before you send this in to FUoS… have you reported the offending behavior to the appropriate moderators? If not, please do so now! Help them do their job by telling them when someone is a jerk on their service.

You can submit your messages by emailing them to We will treat your submission as anonymous unless you give us permission to do otherwise.

We accept screenshots or photos of your TV. Please let us know in the message what game or system you got the message on.

We will also accept audio recordings! Simply place your headset earpiece near your computer’s recording device, and use a program to save the audio. Have an iPhone? Use the voice memos app to record the message and email it straight to us!

Note: Do not send us any pictures that can even remotely be construed as pornography. We won’t post it.

Unfortunately we can no longer have a contact form in this page, because it was filling our inboxes with spam. We hope that anyone who wants to submit something will be able to send an email.

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