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jaspir is an avid online gamer that plays mostly shooters. You’ll most likely see her in Gears of War 3 multiplayer matches where trash talking is never in short supply. She’s definitely not one to take trash talk without giving it right back, so let the insults roll. She’s currently a professional student, but already has a Master’s in badassness. ;)

gtz is the mastermind behind the site. After seeing jaspir’s messages, she was inspired to create a place to share them with the world. She is responsible for wrangling the website backend and administration.

likeOMGitsFEDAY has been gaming online for years, so the trash talk doesn’t really bother her anymore, she just laughs and fires much raunchier insults right back. She beasts in all FPS’, and plays a BE Pally during her wow binges. Professionally, she’s a web designer & front end developer. so say we all.

inklesspen had fun once and it was awful. Rising from the ashes of that victory like a metaphor that’s gone on for far too long, he now manages server things, writes code, and serves as FUoS’s token feminist.

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