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Showing some love for the AWESOME sites that thought we were cool enough(hahahahaha) to interview & talk about.

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Fat, Ugly or Slutty article, written by gtz

Gamers With Jobs: Paging Dr. Schadenfreude

Kotaku: A Chronicle of Misspelled Slurs — Except ‘Fat,’ ‘Ugly’ or ‘Slutty’

/r/gaming/: I knew female gamers had a hard time online, but I never imagined how offensive people could actually be…

Destructoid: HAHAHA! I love this collection of lewd XBLA messages

Hollaback!: To Be (Anonymous) or Not to Be (Anonymous): Women in Technology

*** The above was also posted at Kotaku: I’m An Anonymous Woman Gamer ***

gamrFeed: Fighting Sexism, One Comment at a Time

Frag Dolls (Rhoulette): A Picture is Worth a Thousand Shouted Words

SarcasticGamer: Hey ladies, are you a FAT, UGLY or SLUTTY gamer?

The Glorious Grazers: There Is No Such Thing As A Girl Gamer

Gaming Irresponsibly: Is Gaming in General Sexist?

Gamer Gyrl (PrincessVespa3): Fat, Ugly, or Slutty? (None of the above)

Gamer Gyrl (Becki): Q&A

Geek Feminism Blog: “How could they not have known?!”

Robert Accettura’s Fun With Wordage: Fat, Ugly Or Slutty?

Unreality Magazine: Fat, Ugly or Slutty – Where Online Gaming Misogynists are Crucified for All to See

GGS Gamer: Girl gamers — fat, ugly or slutty? (NSFW)

Buzzfeed: Fat, Ugly Or Slutty?

Girl Gone Geek Blog: Interview with the Girl Gamer Creators of “Fat, Ugly or Slutty”

The Border House: Blog Alert: Fat, Ugly, or Slutty?

Wonderland Blog: Fat, Ugly or Slutty Fat, Ugly or Slutty Fat, Ugly or Slutty is Funny, Sad

HifiLofi: Fet, ful eller slampig? (“Fat, ugly or slutty?”) *** Swedish language. Interview conducted in English and then translated by the author. Google Translate version

Aftonbladet: Speltjejerna som slår tillbaka mot sina plågoandar (“Girls who retaliate against their tormentors”) *** Swedish language. Google Translate has a bit of trouble with auto-translating this page, but if you copy/paste the sections you can read the article. :) Jesteś gruby, brzydki czy puszczalski? (“You’re fat, ugly or permissive?”) *** Polish language. Google Translate version Pelaava tyttö: oletko läski, ruma vai lutka? (“Plays a girl: you’re fat, ugly or a slut?”) *** Finnish language. Google Translate version



Moving Pixels Podcast: Holla Back with ‘Fat, Ugly or Slutty?’

[mentioned at 24:06]

Horrible Night also did a follow-up podcast dedicated to the harassment topic. [mentioned at 31:20]

[mentioned at 1:17:11]

[mentioned at 3:06]


[mentioned at 54:33]


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[mentioned at 65:07]

11 Responses to Press

  1. You were mentioned on NPR’s “talk of the nation” today.  Keep fighting, girls.

  2. Cali Mist says:

    Keep it up. If you need more writers let me know! 

  3. You were mentioned in ‘De Standaard’ a Flemish (Belgium) newspaper ;) Keep it up !

  4. Crisante says:

    always good to read something funny, but sad that it happens. I hope it raises some awareness and these dudes just man up, shut up, and play

  5. Anonymous says:

    kadıköy masaj salonlar

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering why you haven’t got a link to our site? We have one to here and did an article about your site which we emailed to yourselves.

  7. brian says:

    I like to see this posted as like “Any rude comments is a year off xbox live” and have it message to every online player every few months, bc after read all these txt these women get, its just not right. Your there to have fun.

  8. John Jamison says:

    Wow I’m alarmed by the vast number of sexist remarks and harrassments exhibited in each of the articles. Poor female gamers have to take such crap from guys. This webpage has opened my eyes a little bit to the blatant female diss in online gaming.

  9. RobertEmmet says:

    Great site, keep up the good work.

  10. Keith Larocque says:

    i found this site via Grace on The John Oliver show (you tube rerun)

    . I’m not a gamer but I’m shocked and a little embarrassed at being a male at the moment. I love that you can see some humour in this though. Keep laughing ladies…

  11. Lasitha Rulz says:

    male or female end result is dictatorship of one group.If you have any solution which doesn’t go down that path i’m down for that.otherwise this is just another gamergate,in reverse.And people need to evolve cuz every person gets threats not all of them are attention worthy it’s just you aren’t the first person in the world to get offended by “i will fuck you”.ignore and move on.have a job have kids have a life!!

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