Family-Size Friendly

Posted on September 3, 2012

The player, clearly starving as he is, will have to work on his hint-dropping technique if he’s hoping for someone to share.

“I was playing Halo:Reach and this sore loser couldn’t get over the fact that he got beat by a girl. So he sent me lots of hate messages. Here’s two, very typical.”

Xbox Message Text: fat ugly ass bitchXbox Message Text: u must be soo fucking fat i bet u got a bag of chips right next to u and its a family size


Actions vs. Words

Posted on April 27, 2012

Our submitter kicked a betraying Halo Reach SWAT team member and their friend. This put the match as a 2v4 with her fiance, which the two won by 13 kills. Clearly this loss has affected HELLBOYY 97 enough to create some sort of friend request paradox.

“He decided to send us both multiple messages. He sent me one message referring to my boyfriend in which I did reply to correct him that he wasn’t my boyfriend but my fiance. He then continued to send me messages and multiple friend requests of which all were denied.”


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I get it, you’re busy

Posted on April 25, 2012

No apologies necessary, DUMBdogy. Multi-tasking is hard!

“This guy was so worried about me and my sniping on Halo Reach that he ended up having a negative K/D at the end of the game. He sent me messages telling me that I suck at sniping and that snipers were noobs. (I’m sorry if 9 out of 11 kills that I made were headshots, I guess I do suck! haha ;)) The following msg was the most amusing one out of the group he sent to me.”


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Posted on April 18, 2012

DuckloadRa has teammates and DuckloadRa has allies, but the two are not always the same.

“We both reported this individual in Dota2’s own report system, and Steam’s report system. I’m not sure if they were ever banned. This game went on for more than 50 minutes with this user and his friends threatening to rape and kill my GF. Also, saying sexist remarks all game and harassing my GF the entire time by following her in the game and stealing gold, XP, kills and blocking her so she would die to the enemy team.”

DuckloadRa - 1DuckloadRa - 2DuckloadRa - 3DuckloadRa - 4DuckloadRa - 5


Refusal Clause

Posted on February 3, 2012

SENSEI AQUA amends the more well-known agreement.

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