Stepford Mentality

Santa’s Little Helper

Posted on July 15, 2011

MrKronicmind is getting a head start on this year’s candidates for the Naughty and Nice lists.



Group Therapy

Posted on July 12, 2011

We were sent several screenshots of this chatlog, which I’ve pasted as best I can into an image that is still pretty huge.(1.5MB) You can view a sample of some of my favourites below. I hope that getting all of this off your chest brightened your day, fellas! The internet is a great way to find like-minded individuals and really help one another. :)

(in before tl;dr)



Such Manners

Posted on July 2, 2011

At least d-a-n-13 said “please” and “thank you”!

“When you’re killed by your team mate multiple times, you can kick them from the game. He kicked me from the game by purposely running into my grenades and sent me this message.”



Beauty Pageant

Posted on May 30, 2011

Danimal Snake would like to add that the talent portion of the competition will be determined by Gamerscore.

Danimal Snake


Tell me more, O Wise One

Posted on May 28, 2011

I like how it looks like dave4real is just dropping random truth bombs in the middle of game chatter.



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