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Posted on November 15, 2011

No, really. We would love it if you BUY THE STUPID T-SHIRT!

The Stupid t-shirt - 604Republic

We’re proud to announce that we’ve opened up a partner store at 604Republic (those nice people with geeky t-shirts that you see in our advertising slots). We’re also an affiliate, so if you like any of their other awesome stuff, please use our affiliate links on the side! It helps pay for our hosting costs. :)

The STUPID t-shirt is a companion piece to the following educational film.

Additionally, we’d like to announce our poetry contest winner: Karissa! Sorry for the delay, but we wanted to pair your prize with this t-shirt announcement. Because… YOU WON A T-SHIRT! See how that works, there?

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Poetry, T-shirts, and GeekGirlCon

Posted on October 8, 2011

Hey, we’re having a Poetry Contest! You should enter! It ends on Tuesday! I’m psyched about the special prize! Yay!

Today and tomorrow, gtz (that’s me) will be attending GeekGirlCon in Seattle. There is still a limited supply of FUoS t-shirts available, so you can purchase one this weekend from me! $20 cash. Sorry, no credit this time. To coordinate, you can email me, tweet at me, or catch me walking around with a FUoS shirt on. You can also do that if you want to say hi and chat!

Ladies: M, XL

Mens: L
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PAX Prime Panel: Video or it didn’t happen

Posted on September 3, 2011

I don’t even know what to say about last weekend. Nothing seems adequate. We had a great time and met a lot of amazing people who were eager to discuss FUoS and the overall topic of harassment in gaming. The organizers and Enforcers of PAX were incredibly kind, welcoming and encouraging to us throughout the months leading up to PAX. Of course, then PAX itself was just such a different and incredible experience from the point-of-view of a speaker as opposed to just an attendee, as in years past.

It might still be too soon to process the whole thing properly, but our ramblings aren’t why you’re here anyway. So in short:

  • From where we sat (and watching the Enforcers tell each other how few seats were left), it’s pretty safe to say that the theatre was full. I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of people get turned away at the doors — this video is for you most of all. ;)
  • Thank you so much to everyone who came and laughed with us. It was so incredible to have you all there I can’t even
  • Yet another thank you to our panel’s very helpful Enforcers. :)
  • It was great to have so many familiar faces in the crowd. Our friends have been amazing in their support of us and this project since that first day, and we appreciate you not getting sick of hearing about it yet. ;)
  • Thank you to our dear friend Zach for being our cameraman! Yay!
  • As you’ll see, Rhoulette was a fantastic moderator and we couldn’t have done it without her.
  • All in all we had a phenomenal weekend and maybe we’ll be able to speak at other panels in the future. Woot!

Without further ado… (click through for HD)

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A Lady’s Guide to Playing Video Games Online

Posted on August 27, 2011

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T-shirts for sale at PAX

Posted on August 26, 2011

And yet another one of our August projects is revealed. This one, dear PAX attendee, involves you and your wallet!

People have been telling us for months that they want to give us money, and finally we’re going to let them do that! Hooray!

We have very limited quantities available for sale, in person, at PAX. A limited edition, if you will. They will be available after our panel tomorrow, which is 3:00 – 4:00pm in the Kraken Theatre.

If you can’t make the panel, email or tweet @inklesspen and we’ll try to hook you up. Quantities are very limited, though. $20, cash or credit.

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