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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Posted on June 21, 2015

Hey everyone. Hi. Hello. What’s up. :)

So it’s been a while. Trust me, I know. I’ve been busy, but I mean, in a year and a half, how busy do you have to be to not post even once? Well, with each passing minute the guilt grows and makes it harder. Working more-than-full-time probably doesn’t help, either! I’m writing these sentences after a robust glass of wine and will almost certainly take several attempts to finally post this. (Update: accurate) I have some maintenance plans for FUoS that I’m sloooowly working on, and I won’t be considering further posts until that work is complete. Making the move to Tumblr from WordPress is a soul-sucking endeavour, lemme tell ya. Here’s the best part: it’s an unknown-amount of work, which makes it suuuuuper motivating! Ugh. Any suggestions for pushing oneself to do something that is so incredibly boring for an indefinite amount of time is appreciated.

GTFO The Movie

FUoS plays a small role in the documentary film GTFO by Shannon Sun-Higginson. (Available on iTunes, Vimeo, Google Play, Xbox, Playstation, and Vudu.)  GTFO started filming shortly after the Cross Assault incident over three years ago, and grew to examine more than just that one instance. We’re proud of the involvement in the film, and we’re proud of what has changed since FUoS started. We’re relieved that everybody now recognizes the fact that the software and websites we use are under human control and can be used to protect, rather than harm. In the non-gaming space, Facebook has been coming to grips with harassment on its service.  Reddit is banning subreddits that specifically harass others. Google announced just recently that they’ll be removing revenge porn from search results. Twitter has been making many changes to its safety features lately.

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Updates? I love updates!

Posted on March 16, 2013

Hey everyone! It’s been a while! Have some freshly-baked updates:


Yesterday, Disqus migrated us to the new version of their comment platform. This means that we’ve lost the colorful badges we had on the old version, and perhaps more importantly, we lost the ability to muffle trolls without actually deleting their posts. (More on our original badge/greying-out system described here.)

We held out as long as we could, but Disqus decided to migrate everyone to the new platform and discontinue the old one.

We’re still looking at what our other options are, but for the time being, please be aware that previously-greyed-out trollish posts will now appear normal.



Some pieces of life needed to get taken care of for the past little while, plus I started another side-project a while ago, so I took a sort of unannounced hiatus from posting FUoS. New posts will be back soon!

But just to explicitly Manage Your Expectations going forward, take note that the post schedule will be a little sparser.

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News and Panels Round-Up

Posted on August 9, 2012

It’s been hectic the last few months, and here’s why:

BBC World Service radio documentary, by @radiojay: Guns, Girls and Games

The accompanying BBC article: Sexual harassment in the world of video gaming

Sydney Morning Herald, by Lucy Meyer: It’s a man’s (virtual) world

Maclean’s Magazine, by Emma Teitel: The final frontier of boorishness (was also in the print edition)

New York Times, by Amy O’Leary: In Virtual Play, Sex Harassment Is All Too Real (was also in the print edition, page A1)

NPR, interview with the above NYT writer, Amy O’Leary: Virtual Harassment Gets Real for Female Gamers

ctrl+alt+defeat, by Amanda Lange: Ban Me, Bitch and Other Tales of Community Harassment

Forbes, by Carol Pinchefsky: Sexual Harassment in Videogame Culture and Sexual Harassment in Online Videogames: How to Fix the Problem video, by Todd Kenreck: Site shames, shares hateful gamer messages (recorded right after our FUoS PAX Prime 2011 panel!)

And there more coming, just not published or finished yet! Phew. There have been a lot more articles that have mentioned FUoS, but these are the ones we were actually contacted about / spoke with the writers for. Follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates on those that we notice!

gtz will also be on a couple panels this month, including one this Saturday.

Geek Girl Con

“Go Make Me A Sandwich”: Barriers to Women’s Participation in Online and Fan Spaces

Saturday, August 11th

1:30pm – 2:20pm


How many times have you read “get back in the kitchen” or “go make me a sandwich” in comments on a YouTube video starring or made by women? Or have you experienced the frustrations of simply being female on Xbox LIVE? Panelists discuss obstacles to women’s participation in online spaces, illustrate places of resistance, and provide tips to combat and improve gender dynamics online.

PAX Prime 2012

Harassment and Bullying in Online Games: Technical Solutions v1.0

Friday, August 31st

5:30pm – 6:30pm

Kraken Theater (streamed on Twitch.TV)

We all know the, ahem, colorful reputation that some online gaming spaces have. When trolls attack, it can go far beyond trash-talk. You can mute. You can report. You can ignore. Or, as many people have chosen, you can stop playing online games altogether. But is there more we can do to fight bullying and harassment within the games/systems themselves? Picking up where Extra Credits’ PATV episode on Harassment left off, we’ll discuss some ways that game systems can help create and sustain more welcoming communities.

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PAX East 2012 Panel

Posted on April 20, 2012

gtz promised that this video would go up on the site once it was uploaded, so here we go! Jenny Haniver, Elisa Melendez, Morgan Romine and gtz spoke in front of a pretty much full theatre at PAX East. The panel was called N00dz or GTFO! Harassment in Online Gaming. We had a lot of fun and we got a lot of positive responses from the panel afterwards! Thanks to everyone who came out to see it. :) It’s great to see the interest in the topic continues. The FUoS panel at PAX Prime 2011 packed the room and we had another great crowd here. Again, thank you to the organizers and Enforcers of PAX. They have never failed to go above and beyond. Ongoing thanks to our friends whom are always ready to lend a hand on the FUoS project. :)

(click through for larger size and better quality)

Some perspectives from the panel that we’ve found:

[PAX East] Exposing The Harassment Female Gamers Receive Online

PAX East: N00dz or GTFO Podcast – Sexism in Gaming Culture

Games and Panels at PAX East – The Tech

gtz also found time to record a few other panels. Not all of them are online yet, but the first of those was the Press XY: Transgender Issues in Gaming panel. Check out the video and panelist perspectives here and here!

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PAX East 2012 Panel Details

Posted on March 7, 2012

One month from today, where will you be? If you answered “PAX East“, then we hope to see you there! gtz will be on a panel about harassment in gaming with some amazing women, and it would be great if you could join us!

N00dz or GTFO! Harassment in Online Gaming

Arachnid Theatre

Saturday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Warning: NSFW! Let’s be honest for a minute; harassment from gamers is woefully common, often creepy, generally stupid, and sometimes so absurd that it’s funny in a morbid oh-god-is-this-what-humanity-has-come-to sort of way. Maybe it’s because they sent you a message about their assuredly impressive “dingaling” or your “big gonglerz.” Maybe it’s the fact that most of the message looks like it was typed with a foot. Maybe it’s that you only got the message after that sweet headshot. Join us as we take a look at harassment in gaming and the reactions to it, and feel free to join the discussion on how best to approach the problem.
Panelists include:

This seems like a good time to mention our Facebook page and Twitter account again. Honestly, between those two and the blog comments on the posts, you folks are WAY funnier than the posts written here. So far we mostly just notify the feeds when there’s a new blog post, and we don’t want to spam, but some of the comments from others are pretty great. We can probably tweet out a few funny ones sometimes, but I recommend you check out the FB page, watch our Twitter replies and read the blog comments for more hilarity and discussion. Special thanks to one of our FB readers who posted this to our wall just yesterday:


Maybe now I just see innuendo in everything, but I’m kind of taken aback at how well it fits with both our panel title and Penny Arcade “Expo.” See you at PAX East!!

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