Repeat Offender

More than a handful is a waste, right?

Posted on February 11, 2011

Linkin 6 Echo is back, and classy as ever.

Linkin 6 Echo 2


He gets around

Posted on February 7, 2011

I’ve started to go through our backlog of older submissions to clear things out. I wasn’t sure I was going to post this first image, but then something happened as I went through the inbox. I found that three separate people have submitted screenshots of iTz LiGhTn3sS, all of them early last week. Damn boy, slow down!

iTz LiGhTn3sS

iTz LiGhTn3sS 2

iTz LiGhTn3sS 3


Brevity is the soul of wit?

Posted on February 6, 2011

Linkin 6 Echo has quite the imagination.

Linkin 6 Echo


STD-boy, cont’d

Posted on January 30, 2011

We’ve posted a message from SHMIIINNNGG before, here’s the rest of that series.



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