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Posted on September 3, 2012

DBD MEGATRON, clearly starving as he is, will have to work on his hint-dropping technique if he’s hoping for someone to share.

“I was playing Halo:Reach and this sore loser couldn’t get over the fact that he got beat by a girl. So he sent me lots of hate messages. Here’s two, very typical.”




Posted on August 8, 2012

With that smiley at the end, Jeh Rhine obviously means this in the nicest possible way.

“I killed this guy every round during search and destroy, he raged quit then sent me this.”

Jeh Rhine


Small World

Posted on July 16, 2012

Not to detract from the stated undertaking, but does chestercandycar seek maximum impact by suggesting that our submitter is particularly close with this person?

“I was playing MW3 on the Xbox 360 the other day when I randomly got a message from one of the other players. I did not have my mic in and I never sent any messages to this person or anyone else in the lobby. I guess the fact that my GT has the word “girl” in it and I earned 20+ kills warranted a nasty message. I have already reported him for the message.”




Posted on July 6, 2012

BlUecHeEsEy goes out of his way to make our submitter feel welcome by helping her fill up that friends list.

“I was in a Search n Destroy game and this BlueCheesey and his mates were picking a stupid fight with one of my teammates. It went on for two games and I just unmuted my mic and asked my teammate to ignore them. Once they heard my voice, they started the usual insults. I just muted them because I really couldn’t be bothered. Then he sent me the first message, and then he sent that M2AF to add and spam me. I’m just guessing that he was furious because he couldn’t get a single kill throughout the whole game.”

BlUecHeEsEy - 1BlUecHeEsEy - 2


Someone’s Got a Crush on You!

Posted on June 22, 2012

After the in-game equivalent of affectionate hair-pulling, Got Seraph moves on to name-calling, the “do you like me check yes or no” note, and finally he says please. Ah, young love!

“I was playing hardcore search and destroy and this dude went out of his way to team kill me until he got kicked. Then he sent me these.”

Got Seraph - 1Got Seraph - 2Got Seraph - 3


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