Jealous, much?

Affectionate Gesture

Posted on September 30, 2013

EXCUSE ME the apostrophe CLEARLY goes at the START of ‘N Sync.

“I was playing Super Street Fighter 4 on PS3 when I ran into this charming individual. Apparently, he did not like getting beaten by me and explained his displeasure very thoroughly. That isn’t all though! I got a picture of a really nice gesture of friendship sent to me as well.”

Subject: hate cowards Body: especially when it's a BITCHSubject: Re:hate cowards Body: fuck off CUNT lil SF NERD u have no boyfriend do uSubject: Re:hate cowards Body: i got the game 3 days ago so far i've encountered nothing but SF FANATIC NERDS and they've all been assholes to me so now i'm returning the favor to the rest of ya now if you'll excuse me i'm gonnaSubject: Re:hate cowards Body: to the rest of ya now if you'll excuse me i'm gonna watch a movie with my fiance now go have some naughty dreams about n'sync or whatever turns you lil nerdy girls on nowadays(tattooed skulls on fingers, middle finger gesture)


Gracious in Defeat

Posted on January 30, 2013

DragonKing500 was cognizant enough to include at least one requirement of the standard ‘gg.’

“This was sent to me while playing Gears of War 3. After winning against his team I might add. Charming.”

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Posted on January 25, 2013

duhJeenyus has me questioning everything — wait, who wrote THAT message? Oh no, am I really writing this right now?!



In a Word

Posted on January 11, 2013

Mi1i, RpN x CLAzZiKs, TP Danky, KILLATONEY18, I Grabowski I, KSI LYCANFrutie Pebbles, Xs SnowCone Xs are all masters of the concise.


Frutie PebblesXs SnowCone Xs


Market Value

Posted on January 9, 2013

Loaded Gun 444 lists off a price as if he’s well-aware of the going rate.

“Played a great game with a friend on XBL Black Ops 2. Apparently someone on the other team wasn’t happy though. He had a mega rant in the lobby screen that followed. Calling us faggots and saying our mum’s must have bought us the game? I laughed, perhaps tipping him off that I’m a girl, then I got this gem of a voice message.”

Loaded Gun 444

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