Posted on June 6, 2012

Sorry to hear the match didn’t work out for you, I Am Spinn. Perhaps your post-match response can change the outcome!

“I was on MW3 on the Xbox playing drop zone and came top on my team. This guy here was on the other team and their team lost to mine. He ragequit shortly before the game ended and sent me this message not long after. It was unprovoked as I was in party chat. This is just a fraction of the amount of abuse I get on a daily basis. I have filed a complaint.”

I Am Spinn

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To Concur

Posted on May 23, 2012

It seems that FM Lemon and our submitter can at least agree on what is worthy of reporting.

“This guy was spawn killing in Battlefield, flying around our base in a chopper, so I sent a message and asked him to stop. After the usual messages about how I was a f**** and queer etc, I told him I reported him.”

FM Lemon

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Posted on May 7, 2012

Aha! Thank you for making everything perfectly clear, my god i got muted by virgins. I get it now, they actually just don’t count as gamers.

my god i got muted by virgins - 1

(more complete chatlog, click for big)
my god i got muted by virgins - 2

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Actions vs. Words

Posted on April 27, 2012

Our submitter kicked a betraying Halo Reach SWAT team member and their friend. This put the match as a 2v4 with her fiance, which the two won by 13 kills. Clearly this loss has affected HELLBOYY 97 enough to create some sort of friend request paradox.

“He decided to send us both multiple messages. He sent me one message referring to my boyfriend in which I did reply to correct him that he wasn’t my boyfriend but my fiance. He then continued to send me messages and multiple friend requests of which all were denied.”


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I get it, you’re busy

Posted on April 25, 2012

No apologies necessary, DUMBdogy. Multi-tasking is hard!

“This guy was so worried about me and my sniping on Halo Reach that he ended up having a negative K/D at the end of the game. He sent me messages telling me that I suck at sniping and that snipers were noobs. (I’m sorry if 9 out of 11 kills that I made were headshots, I guess I do suck! haha ;)) The following msg was the most amusing one out of the group he sent to me.”


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