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What if the console is IN the kitchen?

ZombieDOTD is a man of traditional values. He better not hold his breath waiting to get a girlfriend.

Stick It Where?

OMFG NOVAKANE must have problems with his own equipment.


StratRat1956 doesn’t seem to believe females play GoW, especially not attractive ones.

A Few Thoughts and a Lot of Love

So a little over a month ago, we started a little site for laughs having no idea how big it would get. I just wanted to share my appreciation for all our readers, and the AWESOME messages we get through email, twitter, facebook, and on xboxlive that make me so happy that we created this site.

You all have been amazing, and it makes my heart smile to see the messages from people saying “I thought I was the only one”, and that you know you’re not alone anymore.

I also want to say that EVERYONE gets trash talked online, and as long as there’s anonymity, it will probably always happen. However, online gaming is such a rewarding experience, and I have met so many of my closest friends because of it. Be proud you’re a gamer, and don’t ever let trash talkers keep you down.



Canadian Girls Need Love Too

GMGxARABxXMONEY is a teamkiller and has no love for Canadian ladies. He went into this rage after a teammate sent a message requesting him to stop team killing in CoD Hardcore TDM.

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