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Sore Loser

mtzlife lost a match in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and isn’t very pleasant about it.

Desperate Guys Finish Last

beyblade 247 not only repeatedly messaged the submitter of these shots, but went on to harass anyone with a seemingly feminine gamertag on her friends list.


I JuMa I xOZZYx doesn’t like losing to females in CoD, and expresses his rage through poor grammar and run-on sentences.

Before Chat Roulette, there was UNO

CHRISTIAN xxxxx gets all hot and bothered by card games, apparently. I don’t even want to know what happens when he plays Monopoly.

Classy One-Liner

L3GE7VDS stopped in the middle of a game to send this message, because a comment like this obviously couldn’t wait until the end of a match.

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