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Updates? I love updates!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while! Have some freshly-baked updates:


Yesterday, Disqus migrated us to the new version of their comment platform. This means that we’ve lost the colorful badges we had on the old version, and perhaps more importantly, we lost the ability to muffle trolls without actually deleting their posts. (More on our original badge/greying-out system described here.)

We held out as long as we could, but Disqus decided to migrate everyone to the new platform and discontinue the old one.

We’re still looking at what our other options are, but for the time being, please be aware that previously-greyed-out trollish posts will now appear normal.



Some pieces of life needed to get taken care of for the past little while, plus I started another side-project a while ago, so I took a sort of unannounced hiatus from posting FUoS. New posts will be back soon!

But just to explicitly Manage Your Expectations going forward, take note that the post schedule will be a little sparser.

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Perspectives and Retrospectives: Vol. 2

The following piece is inklesspen’s thoughts on the first year of FUoS. Series introduction here.

I wasn’t originally part of FUoS. Oh, sure, I was in the channel when gtz and Jaspir came up with the idea, and I helped out with technical details, but I kept my distance because I didn’t want to intrude on their thing. I have enough things of my own without taking over one of theirs, I thought. And then they made me join up anyway. Hard to believe it’s been a year, but it’s certainly been a fun ride. I want to thank my co-hosts, and I want to thank you the readers, without whom none of this would have been possible.

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Announcing comment badges! (And a few other changes)

You may have noticed a few changes to the comment section. One of the biggest things is that we’ve turned off comment nesting. Nesting is handy to easily see who’s replying to whom, but with the kind of passionate debate we get here, comments eventually end up scrunched to the right and hard to read. You can still reply to comments, and when you do, there will be a little “reply to John Smith” link at the bottom of your comment. We hope this will make things easier to read.

We’ve also added badges on comments. Right now, the bulk of you will have the controller badge. Staff members have our lovely Doris, and friends of the site have sammiches. Trolls, on the other hand, will be marked as such, and we’ve grayed out their comment text. You can still read it if you want, but we wanted to reduce their impact on the site. These badges will be handed out at our discretion; please don’t try to ask for them for yourselves or for others.

Doris- FuoS staff member sandwich - friend of FuoS controller - visitor troll troll troll

We’re still exploring what we can do with the badge system, so stay tuned for future awesome. If you have any questions about the comment system, we’ve helpfully provided a discussion area right below!

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