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Deck’s Pecs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for dutches on DECK I don’t think any of those words will be nice ones after this.

“No idea where this guy even got my GamerTag since we have played exactly 0 games together. I doubt this technique has ever got him a date.”

dutches on DECK


Desperate Times

When desperate times calls for desperate measures, at least Deadlystrike has the cyber funds necessary for action.

“I do not know the person who whispered me, so I’m guessing I got the whisper because I had a female toon.”


Foible in Fable

PriestlyPlace apparently wasn’t satisfied with the fantasy free roam in Fable III, so he decided to try and take things a step further. Unfortunately for him, this story had no happy ending.

“I was minding my own business when I received a message from a stranger asking if I had a mic. I said no. Nothing more was said from me and soon after I received a friend request, which I deleted right away. Then I received the next two messages.”


Minecraft, Mine… crass?

Some simple minded Minecraft users seem to have uncovered a rare gem….a female?!


Sweet Talkers

A few posts from Xbox Live shining stars II F t0rrEs9 IIAoR Protocol v1, and xXxSUBZEROx89.

“We played together in CoD:MW2 Hardcore TDM – I was chatting with the team, but he didn’t even have a microphone. It seems he really wanted to tell me something important, though.”

II F t0rrEs9 II


“After playing a match of Demolition against this guy, he sends me this message.”


This submitter received this charming request during a match in Halo: Reach.

AoR Protocol v1

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