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Can You Hear Me at the Back?

I’m assuming that the capslock is CAPO theBUTCHER‘s hilarious “joke-telling” voice.



Next Level Mark may have been open to that. You never know!

“My boyfriend was playing my account at the time, and he almost obliged. ;)”

Next Level Mark

Fill in the Blank

Unable to attain our submitter’s phone number, hellman8990 2 tries a different angle.

“I was in an Xbox Live party with some of my friends when this kid joined. He didn’t talk to me much, besides asking for my number. Later he sent me these messages, which I ignored.”

hellman8990 2 - 1hellman8990 2 - 2

In a Word

Mi1i, RpN x CLAzZiKs, TP Danky, KILLATONEY18, I Grabowski I, KSI LYCANFrutie Pebbles, Xs SnowCone Xs are all masters of the concise.


Frutie PebblesXs SnowCone Xs

Market Value

Loaded Gun 444 lists off a price as if he’s well-aware of the going rate.

“Played a great game with a friend on XBL Black Ops 2. Apparently someone on the other team wasn’t happy though. He had a mega rant in the lobby screen that followed. Calling us faggots and saying our mum’s must have bought us the game? I laughed, perhaps tipping him off that I’m a girl, then I got this gem of a voice message.”

Loaded Gun 444

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