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Hello Time Bomb

LVM DarkShip‘s patience for reciprocation lasts as long as an ellipsis.

LVM DarkShip

Need To Tell Basis

BLOODOFVIRGINS really, really needed to notify someone. Anyone.


You Know, Hypothetically Speaking

It sounds like vNiightStalkeRv is trying to find an unbiased third-party to give a ruling a recent event.

“I returned from a week holiday to this message!  I have absolutely no idea who this user is or even why he felt compelled to send me this message.”

(click for big)


On Tilt

xALLx1Nx‘s best play advice is to not play. (click for big)

“My mom got this one while playing Full House Poker on Xbox Live. She wasn’t even wearing the headset so it came out of nowhere. This was actually the second inappropriate message she got that night, but she Blocked the first guy before I could capture the message.”


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