Soft Touch

This is awkward, but, um, I think you should maybe get those checked out at the hosptical.


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  1. Wonder if this loser’s expected answer is “It’s so fluffy!”
    *mind bleach*

  2. EDB says:

    I wonder if something appropriately disturbing would deter them. Like, “It was everything I would have expected from rancid ground meat. You should get that checked out.”

    • Gregg Braddoch says:

      LOL, that would be the expected and preferred reaction, and the one after would be “kinky – I’ve always wanted someone to play doctor with” – irrespective of whether the recipient was male or female.

      The fact that anyone takes this serious at all makes me weep for humanity.

      • Fruitloopsie says:

        I see men get harassed online and tried to commit suicide. Yeah not every man laughs at this and not every man thinks like you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was a bug

  4. Frustrated Designer says:

    Why does the word Genticals make me think of a squid wearing a top-hat, monocle and a Salvador Dali Twirly Mustache?

    I… must… draw him.

  5. Raichu says:

    lol @ “genticals”

  6. Florian Georg Joachim says:

    Read the first page on this side and was stunned… I read articles about gender-issues in the videogaming-scene, but wow! It’s awful!

  7. Irx Avis says:

    This site is hilarious. I think I’ll be sending some lame messages to random gals on the internets from now on, just for the lulz.

    • DeathbyDD says:

      What a cute way of saying you support harassment! ^_^

    • Gregg Braddoch says:

      Isn’t it? WOMENZ ARE HARASSED! See – they mentioned “genticals” – it must be because I was a girl!

      Never mind the thousands of men that have received the same message, and then laughed.

  8. BL(Æ) says:

    I like the part where he seems genuinely terrified.

  9. Oran Mur says:

    I don’t no how many guys are on this site but I’m one and I think the shit women get on th internet is disgusting.

  10. DeathbyDD says:

    Ah, the noble and ancient tradition of tea-bagging!
    Anyone ever drop everything in multiplayer and just start hunting the guy who does that? Even if it wasn’t done to you?
    I do >_> Its a guilty pleasure. Kind of like tea-bagging itself, I guess. :P

  11. whatever says:

    Genticals when normal genitals can’t cut it.

  12. Nintendo says:

    As a male who recently discovered this site; i apologise on behalf of my gender…

  13. whatever says:

    Lol, i love it…now there is truly a meme for everything

  14. Arckaneum says:

    Thinking he possesses the manly extensions aforementioned he loses the catch and only releases

  15. RB says:

    Genticals? Isnt this a futurarma reference? The beast with a million backs?

  16. Christoph Brenner says:

    Found this site via an article by The New York Times. I don’t wanna flatter anybody, but as a man i feel ashamed seeing these screenshots.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s both sad and good that this is the newest post.
    Sad because it was fun to make fun of these A holes’.
    Good because it might mean that things are starting to change in the gaming community and these people are either dying off or shutting up.

    Here’s to 2014, and looking forward to gaming in 2015.

  18. Gregg Braddoch says:

    LOL! This is funny that you people all take this seriously. OMG. He said “genitals” – He’s so stoopid, doesn’t he know that “genticals” isn’t the right spelling? LOLOLOLOL.

    I mean seriously, learn how to take a joke. Males send messages like this to each other as well, and most think it is funny. And it most certainly isn’t because of gender, lol. Don’t like the humor? Then don’t attend the event. Create your own event free of genticals. LMFAO

    • Fruitloopsie says:

      You don’t understand this site, do you? We are making fun of the messages that people send. And no one is saying that men don’t get messages like these.

  19. says:

    LOL that’s just funny!

  20. Ty says:


  21. Georgeo Armani says:

    “Thank you, Mr…genticals” “That’s Tentacles!” *slams door*

  22. Per Svendsen says:

    Whaa whaa, got a nasty message online. Better make a blog about it and blame the misogony. Jesus, men get this kind of abuse as well but men doesn’t run to the nearest blog to whine about it. This is not about gender. Everyone is treated like shit online. Deal with it.

  23. Creepypastashewrote says:

    when are they going to upload more? its 2015 already!

  24. Random Citizen says:

    Nice witch hunt you have going on here. At least have the decency of censoring their names, especially since quite a few of them are most likely children.

  25. ヽ(。◕△◕。)ノ says:

    oh, i thought it was a thumb haha

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oh, was that your genitalia? I thought it was a gummy bear and a pair of raisins. My bad.

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