Affectionate Gesture

EXCUSE ME the apostrophe CLEARLY goes at the START of ‘N Sync.

“I was playing Super Street Fighter 4 on PS3 when I ran into this charming individual. Apparently, he did not like getting beaten by me and explained his displeasure very thoroughly. That isn’t all though! I got a picture of a really nice gesture of friendship sent to me as well.”


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  1. Skip Mathias says:

    Playstation is for moms that love.
    – Death & Smiles, “The Bird”
    (From reading his tattoos)

  2. Jennifer says:

    …..but he does like the Misfits, so that’s slightly redeeming, right??

  3. *reads the subject line of this arsebro’s message*
    Oh, look, a hypocrite.

  4. hikikomorihime says:

    He says “fiance”, but I hear “onahole”…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Some men can’t handle that women may be better than men. Please grow up.

    • DeathbyDD says:

      I particularly like how she’s a ‘little nerd’ for playing the game but he is (in his mind) exempt from such labels.
      (also its geek, not nerd URGH!)

      • Anonymous says:

        Sad to see that is all about gender. I was brought up that we are all equal irrespective of gender or the color of our skin. They would never dare to say something IRL but when hiding behind a gamer tag they say anything. Cowards are what they are! I despite them.

        • PitBoss says:

          The sad part is they are rude an obnoxious to everyone, taking it personal just fuels their anger issues and gives them gratification.

          • cutenvicious says:

            This site is made to expose them, not to “take it personally” they want to dish, they better stfu and take it, the fat lazy slobs who all live in their mothers basements and guzzle mountain dew in their underpants.. seeeeee, that’s not very nice :)

          • PitBoss says:

            I am fat, so a comment like that I would take personally. Shaming you in public for it, makes me as bad as you. Why stoop to such a level? Shouldn’t you rise above such childish and asinine behavior?

            Your alias suits you well, you are cute, but vicious too.

          • cutenvicious says:

            I myself am “fat” or you know the national average at a size 16 petite (and short at that), I feel this makes it more than okay for me to call out other fat people, mainly those who go out of their way to make others miserable/bring their self esteem down. The fact that we out the men who pick on women doesn’t make us stoop to their level and even if it did, we’re not on the play ground, we’re grown ass people and the only way to cut an adult bully down is to show them how it feels, there are no after school specials for adults who didn’t get the big picture. I’m as entitled as they are to be pricks. Thusly until they stop, we won’t. This isn’t a website made to look for pity, only to expose these insecure fucks and have a laugh at their expense which I’m sure they do with their “boys” and their “crews” I’m sure they make themselves look much tougher than necessary while recounting these tall tails of getting beat by women. What kind of guy sends another guy these types of inboxes? So then, why is it okay to verbally attack and bully a woman? Hot women, usually, at that. Also, thanks, you’re pretty god damned adorable yourself & I’m only vicious when need be, I can bake you brownies or upper cut you into oblivion. :) P.s. the pure fact is most guys who bully women online do have pathetic lives, are obese and or over weight and or out of shape and or out of the job and or living at home and or off of someone else :) That’s not to say that every fat pasty gamer is a dick, to the contrary. LOTS of male gamers are cool as tits. Tits in a push up bra.

          • PitBoss says:

            Lol. If only I was 20 yrs younger. I get your point and understand why. If it’s what makes you happy, go for it.

  6. Ripper says:

    Those finger tats must make it incredibly easy to get stable, well-paid employment

  7. Luchingador says:

    that is the hand of a tenderly husband and father.

  8. Sib says:

    Wow, his tattoed skulls and PS logo look so badass. I’m sure his family/friends are proud of him.

  9. DeathbyDD says:

    I particularly like the flailed (like a magicarp) attempted-insult guesswork regarding the boyfriend. How does that figure in, I wonder? And what massive leap of enlightenment led him to narrow down her orientation to begin with? And then reveal his fantasies about her? But hey, at least the pirate went out of his way to try and bury (like a treasure!) the horrible embarrassment that must have caught up with him halfway through these messages by reassuring us all that he is, in fact, planning to breed.

  10. Anonymous says:

    His fingernail looks a bit manky. Maybe it’s been somewhere it shouldn’t.

  11. John Smith says:

    This is par for the course in online gaming. It’s not that big of a deal. Funny as fuck though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sentence 1 = Fact. Sentence 2 = opinion. Sentence 3 = opinion, mixed with privilege.

  12. Herkuyterkuy says:

    Regarding the name of this website, doesn’t “fat” already fall under “ugly”? Kind of a redundant title, don’t you think?

  13. Carol K. says:

    He does realize that “fiance” with a single “e” is masculine, meaning “husband-to-be”…

  14. Lee Solomon says:

    n’sync? O_o projecting much?

  15. Jasmina says:

    If you cry over gaming messages, you shouldn’t be gaming. I’m a chick and I’m telling you to GTFO. This is par for the course in gaming, and if you can’t handle it, stick to offline gaming or Diner Dash.

    • Whisper Leissac says:

      You are such a special snowflake, aren’t you? Women don’t really cry at these messages, we just post them online and make fun of these dudes with inferiority complexes because their asses just got beat by women. Simple. But frankly I doubt you even are a woman, probably just a dudebro that got upset his trash talk got posted online by the woman he tried to bully online, it is sad, really.

      • Jasmina says:

        I think you’re a feminazi who is incapable of tolerating an opinion contrary to your own. I am a woman. Take notes.

    • Jasmina, I deleted your comment because you used a slur. Try not doing that next time.

  16. Joseph F says:

    Are all of these messages from the other person to you, or are some of them to the other person from you? If the former, what were you saying to them in between their messages? Or did you even send them any messages?

  17. cutenvicious says:

    I’m guessing small penis, if his hands are proportionate :)

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’d be more pissed off if he didn’t have the PlayStation logo for a tattoo, maybe he is more MLG than us and we are super jelly. . .
    Nah, fuck this guy.

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