We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Heart

This PSN player throws their hat into the ring for the currently popular #CandyHeartRejects hashtag. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

“A random message I got on my PS3, I think I just played Call of Duty with him.”

15 Responses to We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Heart

  1. DeathbyDD says:

    Is that a good thing? I dunno. I’m a lesbian (after reading this). ^_^

  2. Colin Bell says:

    I’m not sure if this is ment to be chat up line or insult, sounds seriously uncomfortable though, might want to see doctor

  3. Nathan Dominguez says:


  4. Play Vault says:

    I have introduced a ‘Name, Shame and Flame’ section to my gaming podcast and even though we are all guys on the show, we love this site and are going to make a point of making fun of this guy and his stupid comment on air when we record tomorrow. :)

  5. Raichu says:

    Hint: That’s not very romantic.

  6. You just know they’re gonna be some weird metric size, too….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on there.

  8. Your face reminds me of ipecac syrup because every time I think of it I want to throw up.

  9. Kamil Kukowski says:

    This guy is a real creap; what seek bastard uses a wrench on his nuts? is he a cyborg?

  10. ottouw says:

    The only proper response is “I assume it would have be a 1/4″ if we’re talking about your nuts.”

  11. Arckaneum says:

    Tools are tools and sometimes played with by fools.

  12. Headless Unicorn Guy says:

    Should start a new category for this Airsoft Legends guy — “See How Clever *I* Am?”

    Or append “(See How Clever I Am?)” to the message — hmmmmm… Is there an app or patch that’ll do that automatically?

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