So Nice of You to Offer

Not sure what traits this player sees in Call of Duty to make this evaluation, but I’m sure they’re quite nuanced.

“Random message I got from a guy at the bottom of the scoreboard after a great game on Black Ops 2.”

  • manybellsdown

    I think his screen name says it all, really.

  • Colin Bell

    Looks like he made the account just to send that message

  • DeathbyDD

    I am slightly relieved the message fails to live up to the tag. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    I’m probably not caught up enough on my porn terminology, but I’m assuming he isn’t offering you a tasty snack?

  • Nathan Dominguez

    Hm again, dafuq?

  • Raichu

    I’ve never heard this one but based on context I’d guess he wants her to give him a bj.

  • Jonathan-David Jackson

    It means internal ejaculation.

  • Stephanie Selby

    You up for an asswhoopin’? You look like it.

  • Jennifer Gatts

    Only if it’s coconut. lolol For real though, why do dudes seem to think this shit is ok? These teenage boys are such asshats. It’ll amaze me if they actually land a female, ever.

  • DeathbyDD

    Some people really like to take ‘wasting the gift of speech’ to a whole new level. :P

  • Kamil Kukowski

    actually it’s the other end of the digestive system

  • Shawna Michelle Watson-Dority

    Wow, his gamer score is 760 AND he was waaaaay down at the bottom of the scoreboard. He is not worthy to hit on any girl, or to advance from middle school.

  • Jared Thomson

    This is my first time reading your blog. You’re awesome. +1 follower.

  • Joseph Fletcher

    Shawna, you’re spot on. <3

  • Soulsinger_with_the_Watch

    …Boston? Banana? What?

  • Anonymous

    Eeeaagh. I apologise for my 1/2 of the species

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, he’s the ORIGINAL TypicalHater. No numbers or anything.
    Clearly he deserves it.

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