It’s such a strange line itself that I wonder: what’s the correct venue? I picture this player walking up to someone in the bar with this, hoping to find someone else interested in poultry genetics.

“I was playing Borderlands 2 with my boyfriend and our friends when I randomly received this message.”

15 Responses to Agriculture

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rofl :D

  2. Seth.D says:

    Genuinely nice grammar for once.

  3. Winston says:

    Not a bad gamertag either.

  4. Owen Evans says:

    I guess the response is “Yes, and I chop their heads off, too”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ha, this made me laugh.

  6. Rory Molyneux says:

    The face that it’s coming from the Collector General is even creepier.

  7. DeathbyDD says:

    ┬áMass Effect Collector avatar and corresponding ME tag…. My question would be: What happened, dude? You were batting a thousand up until that message.

  8. Nathan Dominguez says:

    and again, dafuq?

  9. Do you work at the municipal pound? Because you sure know how to put pussies to sleep.

  10. I laughed, not gonna lie. haha Sometimes I morph into a teenager and laugh and stupid stuff. I can’t help it!

  11. Jenna Yaner says:

    Oh my gosh. xD

  12. whatever says:

    So what happens if someone does run a chicken farm o.O

  13. Tsaahas says:

    Hmm I’m a girl and I laughed at this. I think it just says “you are a bit too much to handle for me” in a funny way because obviously he talks about his own poultry, which kind of makes fun of him not about the girl. Unless of course you know by person that purpose was to insult. But if it’s not a person who regularly keeps stalking you and making jokes that he knows you don’t approve, I wouldn’t see this so horrible because it didn’t actually make fun out of the girl but out of a guy problem. Of course getting attention just because gender isn’t one of nicest things but maybe this guy didn’t mean to insult and was really just confused.

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