Sorry, what are you trying to say?

They are driving at… something… but I can’t quite pick it out. Hmm. Can you say it another five times maybe?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “I would take you more seriously if your grammar didn’t cause me a headache. How can you possibly not hear anything when the problem is with the fat in MY ears? How polite of you to suggest that I block you; I was just going to do that. By the way, make sure to actually put a period at the end of a sentence and make sure to hit space. Thank you and good bye.” 

  2. What can you expect from someone called Farts: The Xbox Profile?

    • William Greeson says:

      Oh see? I was so ignorant! I thought his name was a play off “ejaculation”. Either way, he named himself after a bodily function, and that should say everything.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “forgot your fat”. That’s okay, I didn’t want that fat anyways. You can keep it. And is that-that a new type of dance?

  4. Kelly Jaye says:

    I think someone has too much fat in their ears which obviously is a problem in school.  He probably didnt hear a single thing in English class involving proper grammar!

  5. Again, another artard I can block with out playing, I love this site.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Was she fat? It would be a terrible thing to call a girl who isn’t fat fat. 

  7. DeathbyDD says:

    Somebody is projecting insecurity >_>

  8. Raichu says:

    I love the comment someone made about fat jokes a while ago on this site…a girl submitted an entry where a dude sent her some nasty message ending with “and I bet you’re fat”. She said she responded “like 5000 pounds”. If I ever get this that’s how I’ll respond. Troll the trolls ;)

    • DeathbyDD says:

       Its important to feed the trolls. Trolls ain’t harmless. Trolls should be challenged or else the community will become a troll spawning pool. *nodnod*

  9. Colin Bell says:

    frankly those last 3 lines are genius, you can see his rage and unashamed need to call the women fat collide together in almost balletic display of poor english and non-existent punctuation 
    stupidity on this level most require dedication

  10. He has tourette’s, right? Good god. I’m sad that he didn’t use the proper ‘you’re’ in one area of this jumbled mess. Why was he raging so hard? You must’ve beat him at CoD. I swear, CoD is the only game that makes these little kids get so pissed.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s like he tried to use the ‘you’re fat’ insult five different times, and forgot what he was saying mid-sentence with each attempt.

  12. Sergi says:

    Fat bitches are the worse.

  13. something287 says:

    I think it’s pretty funny really. I think you might think a lot of the people who say things like this are actually angry, but really they’re just having a big laugh and not taking the internet seriously since the internet is not a serious place.

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