Gracious in Defeat

This player was cognizant enough to include at least one requirement of the standard ‘gg.’

“This was sent to me while playing Gears of War 3. After winning against his team I might add. Charming.”

  • Krista

    It’s funny that you apparently suck so terribly, but he still can’t help but send you such a butt-hurt message. 

  • Anonymous

    “Fuck you you fat skank you fuckin suck with your (lancer?) (lance or) bitch.” What the fuck is he talking about (sry I don’t play Gears of War I’m a fake geek guy).

  • Anonymous

    “Lancer” is a type of gun in Gears of War.

  • DeathbyDD

    This type of message is considered a win in my book.
    Its sad. For humanity.
    But its a win. From a gaming perspective.
    So like, a sad win. ^_^

  • SuperNerdMe

    Wow, now that is really, very classy. Not. *smh*

  • Colin Bell

    I don’t get your logic, this shit is making gaming look bad, its all well and good me saying women are more then welcome to play, but this kind of crap negates that
    The majority of gamers aren’t sexist and when numpties like this are made to feel like the ignorant minority they are, that will be a gaming win

  • DeathbyDD

     Ok. Lemme help you understand mah logic!
    Its a ‘sad win’ because it got to him enough to where he felt the need to try and redeem himself by sending hate-mail, which (of course) only made him lose even harder. Clearly (I think), most ppl here agree that the message has a negative impact on the community. I agree too! I’m also saying that when I get messages like this, I choose to see them as a point for the Blue Team cuz Red Team lost so hard they had to take time out of their day to try and justify it with nonsensical sexism. ^_^

  • Colin Bell

    it occurred to me after posting, sorry about that, but as someone who’s pro-gaming I  find other gamers habit of being assholes to eveyone a bit depressing 

  • DeathbyDD

     No need to apologize, Colin. I just try to stay as positive as possible! *tackleHUGGLEZ!* ^_^_^_^

  • Anonymous

    DragonKng500, you have a real smooth NPR-style voice.  If you ever send a hate-filled voice mail, you’d better be really vile or it’ll just sound classy.

    “Tonight on Fresh Air, people who lose and the madness that drives them.”

  • Venus

    Does anyone else think he rattled that off a little too smoothly?  You’d think such vile words would be accompanied by anger or resentment.  Instead, he might have been reading a cue card. 

    …which just shows how often he spouts nonsense like that.  I really hope God orders him out of the gene pool before he breeds.

  • DeathbyDD

     Idiocracy >_<

  • Jennifer Gatts

    Someone seems angry they got lancered and probably chainsawed. haha!

  • Micah Wedemeyer

    I think I nearly died laughing at the “Oh how lovely” at the end.

    Better luck next time finding a non-douche to play with. We’re out there, I swear!

  • Kamil Kukowski

    the only “funny” thing is that (judging by the voice) he had the time to carefully select his choice of words… I’m so ashamed of being a guy and a gamer

  • Sergi

    ” oh how lovely”…Welcome to the internet you dumb bitch

  • Anonymous

    Please, for the good of mankind, never breed.

    But it’s cute that people still think that interactions on the internet should be any different from those in the street. We’re all people, we’re responsible for our actions and “it’s the internet” is the most pathetic excuse for sexism put forward by knuckle-dragging shitheels like you. Grow the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    OMG fake geek guy go pose all slutty with your Xbox controller you stupid whore – oh, wait. No, that doesn’t happen. Lucky you!

  • Philip Budd

    We certainly are. :)

    And yeah, that got me laughing too. Best thing is to have a sense of humour alongside you, otherwise this just gets downright hela depressing. :(

  • Anonymous

    Lolol another internet troll with no life. I’m guessing you also gave yourself that one little thumbs up you have there?

    Pop your mother’s titty out of your mouth and get a life, you little twat

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