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Unable to attain our submitter’s phone number, this one tries a different angle.

“I was in an Xbox Live party with some of my friends when this kid joined. He didn’t talk to me much, besides asking for my number. Later he sent me these messages, which I ignored.”

  • Krista Roscovius

    your…gamercard? Sure, sweetie! :D

  • Jonathan Humphreys

    The crude equivalent of asdfmovie’s “I like trains.”
    …Oh, holy Cthulhu in a Spitfire, that’s going to be stuck in my head for the rest of tonight.

  • Erick Mattos

    I’m a 25 year old man who plays video games and I’m embarrassed to be a man because of idiots like this. Obviously he’s a little kid hitting puberty and his testosterone is all over the place, but still…my god do men have to belittle women like this? Boys, men, what’s the difference, they all do it. I’m proud to be a man who works at home while also taking care of his family like a mom. Proud as fuck! Glad you ladies don’t take offense to these asshats, show strength and be fearless. Women are stronger than men and it’s not about muscle at all. It’s about personality, mentality, the spirit and the soul.

  • Raichu

    “Oh, this person is a girl! That means she must be available for sex! That is obviously why she is playing a video game online! This is the obvious course of action!”

    I can’t

  • Anonymous

    Give Erick a cookie for being a decent human being, won’t you?

  • DeathbyDD

    I will give Erick da cookies. ALL DA COOKIES!  XD

  • Anonymous

    I can’t tell if you’re being derisive to Erick or society.  Or if you genuinely feel that decency should be rewarded with cookies.

  • Leia Organa

    Both of the first options. I get really sarcastic about dudebros who think that wimminz should bow at their feet because they’re not dickheads.

  • Anonymous

    “ I get really sarcastic about dudebros who think that wimminz should bow at their feet because they’re not dickheads.”

    I can appreciate that.  It’s hard to have patience when dealing with shitty people.

    Still, I don’t see what Erick has said to be characterized in such a way.

    I mean, I can’t help but feel that he’s pandering a bit.  And, at worst, there’s the implication that he feels that women desire his validation, but I’d like to believe that his intentions were good.  I think giving a stranger the benefit of the doubt would be the non-dickheaded thing to do.

    Let’s all look for friends instead of enemies!

  • DeathbyDD

    Like I said: ALL DA COOKIEZ! 

  • Anonymous

    Nowhere in his post did he seem to give off that he wanted women to bow at his feet. You were simply being rude.

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to say (for me) about Erick’s post. On the one hand, he seems to be trying a little too hard to demonstrate his “I’m a good guy” credentials (“taking care of his family like a mom” — what’s wrong with just saying “I’m a stay-at-home parent”?), on the other, he doesn’t really come across to me as trying to score points. But I can understand the impulse to respond by giving him a cookie.

  • DeathbyDD

    *gives everyone here a cookie*
    Go on, you scamps! You know you deserve it! ^______________________^

  • WhyleKat


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