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Mi1i, RpN x CLAzZiKs, TP Danky, KILLATONEY18, I Grabowski I, KSI LYCANFrutie Pebbles, Xs SnowCone Xs are all masters of the concise.


Frutie PebblesXs SnowCone Xs

  • Lori

    I wish my GT was DoucheCunt.

  • Adriel Diaz

    Pathetic for those who send those messages to people that just want to play online.

  • K. Williams

    Pretty sure that last one isn’t a word

  • The T

    I like the guy who just said “sex”. Seems tame and inoffensive in comparison.

  • K. Williams

    Also, it’s STI now.  These kids are woefully undereducated about sex.

  • DeathbyDD

    Oh Oh! I I know this! Its one of those…um…whatdoyacallits? Woman shamings! They don’t like that she is female, or that she maybe has sex, and that if she does its not with them, and even if it was with they would still shame her because BRAIN ANEURISM.

    Their anti logic is my kryptonite and makes DeDe a sad panda. :(

  • Nikoru George

    I guess they were all butthurt from losing to a woman…

  • Raichu

    That last one made me lol.

    The one that says “whore” wasn’t very concise. He could have just shortened it to “ho” like the other guy. Not very efficient, are we?

    Anyway, none of them sound older than about 13. Shame.

  • Anonymous


    Is he intimating that she’s short?
    [Also, why won't my phone's Scrabble app let me use that word?]

  • DeathbyDD

     Whats a shame is that they are probably adults.

  • Anonymous

    Naw, he’s intimating that she’s a wall used to retain water.

  • Raichu

    stahp you’re ruining my best efforts at denial =(

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t a dike a small dam?

  • Anonymous

    Dam, levee– yes, it is.

  • DeathbyDD

    I know it hurts. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Hah, read the Brian pic post in Brain’s voice. Really ashamed of the male presence you’ve been getting harassed by.

  • Tel Prydain

    I admit, DoucheCunt made me laugh. It’s like he was trying to introduce himself.

  • Em

    I can hear him now.
    “Durrrr….hullo, my nayme is DoucheCunt!” XD

  • DerKaiser

    Why no one seems to care that maybe this girl actually acted like a total dumbfuck?

  • Anonymous

    What, like winning? Not being in the kitchen?

  • DerKaiser

    like killing teammates, using shit at random, leading a group to a bait

  • Brennan Barrington

    Why is it necessary to throw out perfectly good scientific terminology and replace it? Most people don’t even know what the acronyms mean off the tops of their heads, and trying to change a convention in a way that doesn’t really make things more precise (since anything that can be transmitted is by definition an infection–I think?) just leads to confusion and makes STEM more intimidating to potential students of it.

  • Brennan Barrington

    Then you call her a dumbfuck, or incompetent, or stupid, or a jerk. Whatever you’d call a guy who did that stuff. What exactly does bringing gender into it add?

  • Amy Mist

    I think it was changed to make the term more accurately fit how it was used- You see a lot of fungal infections and whatnot getting called STDs, even though they aren’t diseases. So you’re right that it doesn’t make it more precise, but I’m pretty sure that was intentional. (Although I think STD is still used for diseases specifically? Health classes just cover them as STIs now because it’s more inclusive.)

  • zawadi

    RpN x CLAzZiKs may be a female. 0.o

  • DeathbyDD

    Innocent until proven guilty, brosif. Also, victim-blaming ain’t cool, yo. It ain’t jelly at all!

  • Anonymous


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