Market Value

This sender lists off a price as if he’s well-aware of the going rate.

“Played a great game with a friend on XBL Black Ops 2. Apparently someone on the other team wasn’t happy though. He had a mega rant in the lobby screen that followed. Calling us faggots and saying our mum’s must have bought us the game? I laughed, perhaps tipping him off that I’m a girl, then I got this gem of a voice message.”

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  1. Joanna says:

    “cos you’re desperate, innit?”


    • Jonathan Humphreys says:

      I counted three innits. o_O
      There has to be a mathematical equation somewhere that calculates how low a person’s intelligence is based on how many innits are spoken within the space of a minute. :|

      (I’m a poet and I didn’t know i- *is beaten with an active chainsaw*)

      • Mischa Bilinski says:

        Eh… I wouldn’t say it’s a measure of intellect, it’s just how some people say it in the UK… Not to defend this loser, it’s just social justice!

        Wait, if she’s so desperate, why would she have to be paid for it? And if she didn’t have to “spread her legs” for it, she clearly isn’t desperate either…

        • Jonathan Humphreys says:

          Could just be me, then. I’ve never once heard the word used in a remotely intelligent sentence. D:

        • Joanna says:

          Actually I heard somewhere that slower people are more likely to say “like” a lot.  They use it to bridge the gaps in their sentences because they’re too slow to come up with a fluid sentence in one go.  I imagine “innit” sorta falls into this reasoning lol.

          • That’s a bit rude, innit? People use a lot of different interjections for many different reasons, including, say, the rhythm of what they’re, like, saying.

            And someone who uses “lol” to end a sentence has a lot of nerve calling other people “slow” for using “like” or “innit”, in my opinion.

          • Joanna says:

            I’m just saying what I read somewhere.  I’m not sure of the actual validity of it. And everyone types “lol” on the internet.  Lol =P

          • DeathbyDD says:

             I’m lolin’ with ya! Also, writing in funky interwebz speak is totally different from verbal communication so…yeah! Hooray for accents and slang and vernacular differences! Boo for being a big meanie-head!

          • Mischa Bilinski says:

             I don’t use “LOL” I think it’s insipid.  If something is funny I’ll type “Heh” or “Haha” I also find most of the time the people typing that aren’t even laughing at all…  Then again I was online before all this foolishness even started, maybe I’m old-fashioned. 

            Perhaps sheeple have more culture-changing power than we think? *Shudder* It has lead to the sort of behaviour this site aims to bring to light, so they must…  Scary thought.

          • DeathbyDD says:

             Oh Oh! When I type lol or heehehehehehehe or EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP or HOORAY! I actually make all those noises (except lol cuz thats a small giggle). English is my fifth language and web-talk iz like a sixth! YIPPIEEEEEEEEEE!
            Oh and when I write HUGGLEZ! I HUG myself with happiness that is directed at the person/s being HUGGLEDed. And when I go *nodnod* I TOTALLY bob my head back and forth! And I do every smilie to the best of mah ability ^____________________________________^

          • Mischa Bilinski says:

             Somehow I believe every word of this… *Slowly backs away, spins 180, then bolts*

          • DeathbyDD says:

            WOW! How did you do that while typing!? XD

          • Anonymous says:

            I basically agree with everything you said, but I kept myself from saying. Heh.  I found the rise of most internet shorthand to be… distasteful.  I mean, I’ll accept “BRB” and “AFK” because sometimes you don’t have time to type it all out.  However, “lol” has no nuance– it’s supposed to mean “laugh out loud”, but people will use it to mean that they merely acknowledge the other person attempt at humor, and not as an actual indication of laughing out loud.  When I use laughter onomatopoeia, I’m actually attempting to convey sounds I’m making, to give the reader a better sense of my actual reaction.  I have considered the use of “lol” to be, as you have said, insipid, but I can’t help but feel like an asshole for thinking that.

            A little off topic, sometimes I like using “lol” in speech to ironically demonstrate how asinine it is.  Then I met a guy who said “lol” unironically, and I don’t spend time with him anymore.

          • DeathbyDD says:

             I loled out loud. Yes, that is TWICE the loudness. ^_^

      • DeathbyDD says:

         Chainsaws make purty spatter patterns. ^_^

  2. Anonymous says:

    Transcript requested. This is my BEST GUESS: 

    “Actually more than likely you [don’t? gonna? gotta?] have to spread your legs, ain’t it, love? To get some cock into ya, because you’re like desperate. Ain’t it? You gotta get paid for it, 12p a minute. Ain’t it?”

    • Jonathan Humphreys says:

      The opening sentence sounds more like “…more than likely it’s you that has to spread your legs…”, but otherwise it’s spot-on.

    • While “ain’t it” is close, it’s actually a British contraction of “isn’t it” into “innit”.

  3. You have sex with people that aren’t me AND you beat me at a game!  Life is unfair WAAAH!

  4. Rewarp says:

    If you have to be a sexist creep, at least speak proper English. I hail from one of your former colonies, and am appalled by the quality of your dialogue.

  5. DeathbyDD says:

    All speech is just stuff people made up. Its kind of important to remember that before you um ‘fly off the handle(!?)’ judging people for how they choose to speak. Just sayin’. ^_^

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow-he rhymed “minute” with “innit”. Give him an arts grant!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cockney creeps are the best kind

  8. Anonymous says:

    Curse you, Ricky Gervais!

  9. eeeee fffff says:

    I like the opera-sounding singing in the background. he is a cultured fellow, eh?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wait so he was already calling you names before he found out you were a female? :/ seems like a douche either way

  11. Kacey Apperley says:

    This Guy is EVIL – I’ve had loads of messages off him before and got a lot of my friends to report him too. He stalks girl gamers, befriends them then is really, really horrible to you after a few days. REPORT HIM!!!

  12. Roger M. Wilcox says:

    12p a minute?! That only works out to £7.20 an hour. That’s not even a decent living wage!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately there are a lot of people in England that talk like that. Lots of ill-educated “gangsta” wannabes (usually white) thinking that actually talking like that makes you in some way sound like a real hard gangsta. Also usually aged between 11 and 18. He will be dressed in a track suit and be skinny with a skull-cap or US Marine style haircut and plenty of spots/acne.

  14. Kacey Amethyst says:

    I wondered if he would show up on here. Loaded Gun 444 has a notorious reputation for sexism. He full on attacked me when i used to stream on XBOX & Twitch. Initially, he was all like “You’re cool” and after I started talking to my friend, instantly switched. XBOX – Please ban him for the sake of Womenkind. He is a waste of our energy!!!

  15. Rosemerta says:

    innit? and that shows how fucking dumb he is

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