Bespin Boogie

This Jedi knows how to start a sexy party.

“AFK’d from Star Wars the Old Republic, came back to the first two messages sent by a low-level jedi knight. Never answered. And guessing by the few naked avatars dancing next to him, I guess he sadly succeeded when whispering others.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really, really hope that’s just an impressionable kid who was just copying from TV and didn’t know any better.  If not, well, this is an equal mixture of creepy and pathetic. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    That kind of thing is pretty common in MMOs, I think.

    • I never had this happen on SWTOR, and I was a Twi’lek.  Here I was thinking that game was safe.  

      • DeathbyDD says:

         It IS safe! …
        Until it isn’t.
        Maybe if cannon wrote Darth Revan as a fem like its possible to do in-game in the KOTOR games then that wouldn’t be so big of a problem? Or if Bioware also wrote Shepard as a fem as opposed to a straight white male? I dunno. Default heroes are kinda boring. Thats one reason why I like Mirror’s Edge and Beyond Good and Evil so much! <3

        • Hah that’s funny, because Mr. Bells has always played as FemShep (except for once, I think).  I think it looks weird when Shepard is a guy now.

        • But they wrote the jedi exile as a female and she was another very important force sensitive user of that period second only to revan

          • DeathbyDD says:

             Iz true. Plus I will TOTALLY concede that the Revan/Bastilla romance is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more interesting than fem. Revan/Carth. But um, I dunno, I guess it would have been kinda cool to get a fem.Revan/Bastilla romance runthrough just because >_>

            <3 Mass Effect

      • Anonymous says:

         Submitter, here! I also play a twi’lek :P
        It was really weird because I never got those kind of messages, but one week, I had about 3 or 4 of those kind of messages. Maybe the holidays bring out those crazies? Kinda makes me sad to think about… But I could also be looking too far into it. lol.

  3. DeathbyDD says:

     This is nothing compared to the cybersex legends of WOW’s Deeprun Tram >_>
    Or the mass in-game suicides it resulted in for the Chinese WOW community when “Bronze Mustache” stole another guy’s wife “Quiet Moon” causing countless
    server-crash in protest.
    Heck, there are whole guilds dedicated to ‘swingers’. XD

    • Anonymous says:

      I know one of the parties involved in the most famous Deeprun Tram incident. Lovely young woman, who didn’t realize that it wasn’t an instanced area. (Wherein people who, for whatever reason, want their in-game avatars to have cybersex can do so in privacy.)

    • Amy Mist says:

      It’s even better on roleplaying servers. Goldshire is pretty famous. According to popular belief, if people aren’t cybering there, it’s being attacked by The Horde. Tbh, I myself have been asked to cyber a few times. (One actually wasn’t too bad either, it was justified in-character, and the other party was very polite when I said I wasn’t interested. I wouldn’t mind rping with him again.)

  4. DeathbyDD says:

    Oh also, I wish the origional trilogy was a bit more woman friendly. Maybe that would justify my fandom a bit more. Anywhoo, Star Trek Voyager is BOSS. :P

  5. qyiet says:

    How… does anyone even identify gender in SWTOR?  I have an approx. 50/50 split of genders for my characters

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha, I knew this dude… I don’t know what the hell happened to him in the past, but he thought playing a character in an MMO different from your own gender was one of the most depraved things a person can do.  He tried to tell me anyone who would do that is mentally ill.

      I could not keep myself at laughing at him.

    • DeathbyDD says:

       I play as myself first. Then I play as the polar opposite. Then I play as a ‘master’ character that gets all da powerz. ^_^

  6. Rafael Martins says:

    Probably the other avatars dancing around him were guys trying to get easy money off him. I hope they succeeded.

  7. Ty says:

    You can get naked avatars in Knights of the Old Republic?

    Did you ask the dancers if they actually did get paid in whatever currency Jedis use (minichloreans?)

    • DeathbyDD says:

       midichlorians aren’t real. Thats just a Lucas delusion. Only The Force exists. And ‘no’, paying strippers with ‘force’ isn’t a good idea. :P

      • Anonymous says:

        You know, I thought of a way that I can accept the existence of midichlorians.  Midichlorians are not the source of the force, or allow beings interact with the force.  But imagine if midichlorians are microscopic creatures that feed on the force.  And those beings who are force-sensitive attract midichlorians.  The more force-sensitive the being is, the bigger of a colony of midichlorians that being can support.

        With this, there could also be a thing that midichlorians could impede the use of the force in a being, and part of the jedi training is learning to purge yourself of these parasites.

        • DeathbyDD says:

           Okay so they could be like a metaphysical plague or something. I dunno if that could work if you see the force as a more spiritual power — especially since it literally absorbs the ‘spirits’ of other creatures, meaning the force is pretty infinite, otherways these parasites would be able to literally eat souls.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t really think of the force as a spiritual realm, as much an omnipresent energy force that’s manipulated by life energies. I would also think that midichlorians are as organic as other microbes, but they just evolved to use the force as an energy source.  Or maybe it doesn’t use the force as an energy source, but force-sensitive people create a better environment for the midichlorians to thrive.  Like how fungi grow better in damp areas.

    • DeathbyDD says:

      The part about force-sensitives being better hosts makes sense.
      But how can you say that they could feed off the force when Yoda tells Luke that when people die they become a part of the force?
      Meaning their energy (or soul) joins the ‘stream’.
      Meaning “Our existence is added to your own”. XD

      • Anonymous says:

        Hm. Yeah, I guess that’s true.  I guess I kinda look at it like it’s still different.  Like how a living body is different from chunks of carbon and oxygen, but they’re really the same thing.  And the living body comes from these inert base components and returns to it eventually.

        • DeathbyDD says:

           I think that would fit better in X-Men. The Force is blatantly faith-based. (as opposed to say, Star Trek that is tech based…but has enough episodes that it can do stuff on faith too) ^_^

          • Anonymous says:

            X-Men? What?

            I think The Force is more will-based.  It seems more about discipline than belief.

            What Force analogue does Star Trek have?  The closest thing I can think of are the Q and Continuum, but I don’t think that stuff is tech-based.

          • DeathbyDD says:

             X-Men because they’re mutants with naturally occurring powers.
            The Force is indeed a matter of will but the way it is presented is mystical in nature and therefore more of a faith-based practice. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

            ST has loads of religious zealots and ‘enlightened’ races that shun technology in favor of mystical powers (be those powers real or some kind of con). And yes, the Q are ‘god-like’.
            Seriously though, I don’t wanna flex my Memory Alpha muscles too much (unless you insist) but ST has LOTS of religious people and mystical beings that the various crews encounter at least once. Bajorans, for instance, are very religious (though without tangible power-return benefit for their worship).

            Stargate SG1 is even bigger into this, touching on everything from Egyptian and Greek gods (goa’uld), Norse (asgard), buddhism/gaelic pagan (ascended ancients), and christian/hebrew/muslim (ori).

          • Anonymous says:

            “The Force is indeed a matter of will but the way it is presented is mystical in nature and therefore more of a faith-based practice. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.””

            Maybe the word “faith” means something different to us.  I agree there’s a mystical component to The Force, but I still don’t think that faith has much to do with it.  When Vader says, “I find your lack of faith disturbing”, he was talking to someone who knows The Force exists, he just thinks it pales in comparison to technological advances.

            I think a better argument for faith-based Force is when is when Luke thought it was impossible to raise the X-Wing out of the swamp until Yoda did it.  Then Luke was able to believe he could do it.  Though I think that’s more about getting over a mental block.
            The sith are all about sheer force of will to manipulate the force.  Though they’re more about passion than discipline.

          • DeathbyDD says:

             Okidokee! I think thats pretty much wut I was trying to say too. Maybe the only bit that we’re differencing on at this point is the concept of Force-power worship as an archaic institution. Sith and Jedi orders are both religions that worship different aspects of the same thing (universal energies that are a part of everything but that also houses their spirits after physical Death). How they channel the mystic power to enhance themselves in a world of technology is the only difference between the two…and also establishes the difference in their philosophies toward existence and order of conduct as a whole. No doubt one could easily take a more ‘I’m using magic because my will is so strong’ approach to The Force as opposed to “I’m summoning the powers of my god”, but both sides seem to have a religious reverence for it that treats Da Force as more than just a thing to be used (further accentuated by the fact that the Force is also the ghosts of their loved ones). The difference is in how they use it and conduct themselves. Ego vs sacrifice, power vs servitude etc etc.

  9. DeathbyDD says:

    I love geeking out on here! XD

  10. Anonymous says:

    “but both sides seem to have a religious reverence for it that treats Da Force as more than just a thing to be used”

    Yeah, but just because people attribute divine qualities to something, doesn’t make it so.  People worshiped the sun and made sacrifices to volcanoes, but these thing are as mundane as anything else.

    I suppose it’s the atheist in me that thinks “mystical” just means we don’t know enough about it.

    Still, I see what you’re saying, and I don’t think we’re really disagreeing at this point.

  11. Oh, this is all too common in MMOs. One person dancing (semi)nude as a female toon can turn into a whole strip club (of mostly males posing as females). I like to grab one of my male toons and provide a similar service for the under-appreciated ladies. ;P

  12. Brennan Barrington says:

    The Sith are looking better and better…

  13. Amy Mist says:

    Outside of roleplaying, I’d totally consider that. I mean, hey he’s offering me money for something I can do while afk! Granted, if he’s low level, he probably doesn’t have enough to make it worth it.

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