This charmer tried to think of the classiest, most romantic location.

  • Okidoll

    In a stall or right up against the urinal? 

  • Joanna

    Ikr? Heck, I’d do me in a public restroom. =D

  • DeathbyDD

    I’m thinking assassination, like a murder, ya know? I had this whole conversation play out in my crazy head
    “I’m gunna do ‘em in the bathroom with this here garrotte and get out quick. I’m a rookie though, so if she ends up pulling a piece and plugging me full of slugs well…at least the mess will be easily cleaned off the tile floor.

    “Spill some blood for me, Dear Brother.”

    “Long live the Dark Brotherhood! All Hail the Night Mother!”

    “All Hail Sithis!”

  • Thomas James Slater

     Obviously a reference to Digital Underground’s classic, “Humpty Dance”:

    “It never stopped me from gettin’ busy

    I’m a freak I like the girls with the boom

    I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom
    I’m crazy allow me to amaze thee”

  • Joseph Cotton

     Ever seen the show “Burn Notice”?
    “That’s why I like bathrooms. Lots of hard surfaces, no need to hurt your hands.” (over scene of bad guys being smashed into tile-covered walls, urinals, stall doors, toilets, etc.)

  • DeathbyDD

     Nope, I’ve never seen it, but its true! *nodnod* ^_^

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy Burn Notice quite a bit.

  • WhyleKat


    +1 for the “plugging me full of slugs” line.  I hope you said that with a 1930′s NYC Mobster accent! =)

  • WhyleKat

    Doesn’t that happen in like every Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stalone movie ever released in the 1980′s?

  • Raichu

    Sounds like he’s just…*sunglasses*…overflowing with lust.

  • DeathbyDD

     Must be a FAN-TABULOUS show! ^_^

  • DeathbyDD

     I read lots of graffic novels, see naw, see? >_>

  • DeathbyDD

     Last one I saw that utilized that bathroom tiles principal was Ninja Assassin with singer Rain and the legendary Sho Kosugi. ^_^

  • DeathbyDD


  • Anonymous

    It is! I think you might like it.  It’s about an American spy who has been ungracefully disavowed by the CIA (i.e. “Burned”) and he has no idea why.  He’s stuck in Miami (where his mom lives) trying to figure that out, while taking the kinds of odd-jobs that only a super spy can do.

    An old military buddy (played by Bruce Fucking Campbell) has “retired” there too, so they go on odd-jobs together.  And also add Fiona, the spy’s on-again/off-again gun-toting girlfriend who’s ex-IRA, and is the kind of girl who never leaves home without some emergency explosives (because you never know!).

  • brian

    i play xbox all the time i cant believe kids txt this to these girls. Its very rear to hear a girl playing, but when you do your like, she must be supper cool person. I wish i had a gf that played xbox with me.

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