Desperately Seeking Someone

This player is frantically asking everyone they see, looking for somebody, anybody, to respond in the affirmative.

“Came online to this lovely question.”

  • Anonymous

    “Why, yes, I do. Does that concern you in the slightest Mister Late-Ball-Dropper?”

  • DeathbyDD

     Balls or GTFO (get the freak out) ^_^

  • Marcus TSB

    Now you’re just playing with fire

  • Matthew Suarez

    well… do you?

    btw. this website is hilarious. good job creating it.

    if you played Marvel vs Capcom and got good at it you would get FUNNIER messages with way more salt.

  • Anonymous

    A question I would like these silly individuals to answer would be – Who do you respect?  What kind of people do you admire?  I gotta believe that these guys (not men) would not cite other misogynists as their role models.  A healthy confident male does not reflexively degrade women.  A healthy well adjusted human generally treats all people with fundamental respect.  Certainly  a large measure of adolescent behavior is going on here.  You know, behavior that scandalizes, disgusts, just gets a reaction in general.  It’s a way of making sure that you at least in some small way “count” because people are reacting to you.  Rather like a toddler asking “why” over and over again, because it feels powerful when adults respond to it. 

    Hey, Matt Suarez.  What exactly do you find to be hilarious aboiut this site?  Give us an idea of what you generally find to be funny?  It seems that you definition of “hilarious” must involvle others being denigrated.  “Funnier messages?”.  Like what kind of “funny” messages do you like aimed at you?  I’m sure that everyone on this site is openminded and
    here to learn.  Please,….teach us.   Share the wisdom dude.  Lay some awsomeness on us!!!

  • DeathbyDD

     Fire with fire, dear. ^_^

  • DeathbyDD

     *shares AWESOMENESS!* ^_^

  • Amber Elizabeth Heald

    I would’ve said “Nope, they’re tiny. Mosquito bites, even. In fact, they’re so small, they’re actually concave. Do you know what that big word means, little boy?”

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