Did You Have a Location in Mind?

An enticing offer, to be sure, but the amendment is just icing on the cake!

  • http://twitter.com/Shanook28 Kaitlin Barrett

    Look, I’m just saying, if Altair asked me to do it with him, I probably would.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kroscovius Krista Roscovius

    Ezio, for me. No doubt. 

  • Mischa Bilinski

    In bed you say? You frisky biscuit you!  I’ll grab my D20s and miniatures, you make the pillow fort!

  • http://facebook.com/deathbydd DeathbyDD

     OMIGOSH! That was my thought too! <3

  • Anonymous

    I probably would as well.

  • WhyleKat

    Birds do it, bees do it.
    Even educated fleas do it.
    Let’s do it, let’s fall in love… in my bed… even though I’m a total stranger.

    So Romantic! ~_~

  • WhyleKat

    If you really wanna impress a fella, you bring the 100-sided!

  • Mischa Bilinski

    Who said I was interested in impressing men? *Grin* I kid, I like everything on the menu.

    And *Sniff* I lost my D100 many years ago, do you think there can still be love for me?

  • http://profiles.google.com/william.clarke William Clarke

    Surely the response could use the Dr Seuss treatment:

    Not in a bed, not in a tree
    Not with you, please let me be!

  • http://twitter.com/WildBlueYoshi Katy Bug

    I’m sorry, good sir, but your distinct lack of creativity is too much of a turn-off to consider the offer.  Maybe up the ante next time?

  • Anonymous

    Heh. Be careful with what you ask for– you may end up getting it.

  • WhyleKat

    Only if, together, you and he have five D20s.  That’s true love right there.

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