Room Temperature

It seems a little warm in here. I don’t know, are you too warm? SandmanPJ21, JA JA BINKS24, and Shalabaloop are feeling kind of warm.





  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’re freelance cyber firefighters?

  • DeathbyDD

     I guess these are meant to be compliments. This isn’t any different from cat-calls and cat-calls are nothing but street harassment. Instead of a ‘hey good game!’ or even a ‘you a girl? wanna play halo or something?’ they opt for this…stuff. Disappointing.

  • Mischa Bilinski

    Maybe they were just concerned about her well being?  It IS cold and flu season after all… 

  • Ezequiel Barisov

    I always wondered if this kind of asshats on Xboxlive pay for it to be in a haven  of inmaturity and disrespect where they are accepted for being like they are. Sorry for the bad english.

  • Anonymous

    Heh. Kinda, I suppose.

  • Marcus TSB

    Short answer is DNA. That’s why you gotta be like “Gurl, I wanna get in dem genes”

  • WhyleKat

    Lullzzz: The last one is the best.. It’s ALMOST a compliment!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t think of a funny enough reply to this sort of message, so i’m just going to say that the avatar for Ja Ja Binks was pretty funny in relation to the message. Like a scene from an anime where somebody learns a surprising revelation. 

  • DeathbyDD

     No, you’re right. I guess in my mind it was more acceptable… 0_0
    Look what they’ve done to meh!!
    LOOK AT MEH!!! >_<

  • Johanna Roberts

    Obviously it’s because she’s on fire.  Duh.

  • Maxx Golbraykh

    Why do all these people have such good reps? I bet Microsoft’s algorithms for rep are beyond sexist.

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