Getting to the Point

Player 108 is certainly not the only one who enjoys the direct approach.

Player 108

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Never understood these requests. Let’s say they manage to find the one girl on xbox live who would answer “yes”. “Okay cool. I start removing your…”

    “wtf are you doing? I thought you wanted sex? Get over here!”

    “Oh, but I live in Cali, and you live in Pa. I just wanted sexting”.

    “That isnt what you asked for, and it isnt what I agreed to! Sexting is not fucking!”

  • Krista Roscovius

    Why yes, Random Internet Male Stranger #2173409! I’d like nothing more!

  • Anonymous

    I doubt they’re actually expecting somebody to sincerely agree. Generally a guy like this just likes to remind a woman that — as far as he and the legions of d00ds like him are concerned — she exists primarily for the sake of his penis. They get a real hoot out of doing that sort of thing.

  • Etchainer Bethune

    I’m beginning to wonder what would happen with a similarly blunt reply.

    “Wanna fuck?”

    Would that even be a meaningful deterrent? Or would that qualify as a success to these boneheads?

  • Martynas Vaitkus

    hmm, i have a question what heppens when you report guys like him ? thet get banned on system or  they are punised by law ?

  • DeathbyDD

    Yes. Go buy a plane ticket to Tel Aviv immediately, you don’t mind REAL warfare right?
    Clearly its just another attempt to make women feel uncomfortable…

  • WhyleKat

    I bet he plays the “numbers” game.

    10-20 “wanna fucks?” in a packed bar style

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. As long as their will be someone that responds positively to these things, it’s going to keep happening.  It’s the same reason Honey Boo Boo is a fucking thing.  Goddamn people.

  • Michelle Briggs

    Pffft not with that Gamer score

  • Anonymous

    It’s clear that men are sexist… some women could be, too. 
    So, of course, they’ll jump at a chance when a woman is playing a game, since it’s pretty rare to just stumble upon a woman’s voice, cursing when she dies/etc. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey! You can state an opinion without attacking anyone. Excellent.  If you can keep that up, it’ll be nice to have you around.

    Still, I’m not sure what you’re trying to communicate.  Do you think the person who sent the message might be female?  Please elaborate.

  • DeathbyDD

     Well yeah! womenz and menz are People, and People are capable of pretty much the same stuff (aside of innate biological abilities or handicaps). Though social constructs what they are sway statistics for both in generally predictable categories based on prescribed gender roles.
    But even if women-gamers are a special, rare gem like (I think) you are saying, at what point is ‘of course’ verbally assaulting them become an obvious decision for a person? Personally I hold menz (and womenz) in a much higher regard than that.

  • Anonymous

    True. Most likely, though, the gamers who are harrassing the women, are, indeed, teenage boys. You know how they are this generation. Excuse my dirty French, but, horny, trolling, etc. 

  • Anonymous

    No. More than likely, it’s a teenage boy. I may generalise, but many gamer-teenage boys are like that. Trust me, my brother has an XBox, as well, and he curses when he loses, but he doesn’t harass the women. 

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    The problem with your hypothesis is that these teenage boys don’t grow out of this behavior unless they find a reason. We’ve got a lot of examples on this site, and some of them have enough information that we can tell the offender in question is older than the “13-year-old know-nothing” that a lot of people like to claim all these people must be.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps sixteen-18? I’ve stumbled across many potty-mouths who didn’t know I was a girl. True, I have feedback similar to this. 
    (i.e: put down the controller, go back to the kitchen.)
    Most Xbox users who are boys, are, indeed, boys. 

  • Anonymous

    But most kids these days are learning more and more about sex, etc. Kids are becoming more and more sexually active, because they have iPhones, laptops–the internet has nearly everything. 

  • DeathbyDD

     Um, no, actually. I’ve yet to get any nasty voice mails from boys. Only men. To blame sexism on children dilutes the seriousness of the overall issue. Children learn this stuff from their fathers.
    And I DON’T know what they are like this generation (that is different from every other). Oh and blaming technology for ‘naughty childrenz’ is kind of silly too. Technology means the age of information, meaning there should be LESS gender/race/sexuality hatred, not more. But here we are. >_>
    But hey! Thanks for sort-of agreeing! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    I’m not blaming technology. Technology was always there. 
    But plenty of kids these days have phones. Heck, my little sister has a phone, and she’s ten. 
    When you explore… above your age level, things go wrong. Any kid could type in “sex” in Google, and find out stuff. 

  • Colin Bell

    these aren’t kids and its not the abundance of information that makes them act like jerks, its because they want attention and the sense they are better then people they put down
    And they are jerks

  • DeathbyDD

     Frankly, self-educating is better than no education. That said, yes, a lot of stuff they can find is misleading or sadistic etc. My point is, kids didn’t suddenly become monstrous ‘no-a-days’. If anything, there is more opportunity for more cross-cultural understanding than in the ‘good-old-dayz’.
    Also that-said, these aren’t kids.

  • Colin Bell

    maybe a big part of the problem is that they know they will get away with it

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