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This person is not the only one who checks if it’s raining via online means.

“This guy was on our team, and he was working together with my girlfriend and I. He then sent her this disgusting message TWICE soon after.”

  • Anonymous

    “WET was an alright game, could have used a bit more polish and variety in its mechanics.  If you’re a fan of Tarantino movies, you should probably check it out”.

    This would have been my response at least. 

  • Erik Wilson

    Yes, unlike a lot of gamers who leave disturbing, grammatically horrific messages, I actually shower.

  • William Clarke

    Isn’t this just an opposites game… surely to correct answer is dry?

  • DeathbyDD

    Darn it Fallout Boy! I said no! NO! Bad Fallout Boy!

  • WhyleKat

    Ha ok what’s the deal? TWO “Wet” posts in one month! And a perfect 10 days apart as well.  It must be the first signs of the apocolypse.

  • DeathbyDD

     WET is just an awesome game, thats why! Ruby FTW! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    *ahem* That’s Vault Boy.

    Fallout Boy is a band that was more popular than they deserved to be.
    “ WET is just an awesome game, thats why! Ruby FTW! ^_^”

    I enjoyed the game as well, but I couldn’t find all those damned scorpions!!!!

  • Marcus TSB

    true talk that game was fun as fuck and had style for miles.

  • DeathbyDD

     I posted a linky to help you with the scorpies but it hasn’t been approved yet… Also, I’ll Fallout Boy sounds better so :P

  • Anonymous

    Heh, thanks for the link, but I don’t have access to the game anymore. I borrowed it from an old roommate.

  • DeathbyDD

     Oh well you might always go to a used game store and get another… You should! XD

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I will…

  • Maciej Cisowski

    Oh, the poor misunderstand Fishman7Dude7! Think people! He is a FISHMAN! He needs water to live and breathe. If it isn’t wet outside, he can’t go out and jump form puddle to puddle. Don’t hate on the Fishman. Live and let swim!

  • Andrew Ensign

    Actually I think he was just offering you some PCP.

  • Anonymous

    Przepraszam, że w wątku zupełnie z czapy, ale nie jestem w stanie
    kontynuować dyskusji o uchodźcach i imigrantach na Pochodnych kofeiny.
    Autor bloga najwyraźniej dopuszcza do dyskusji tylko osoby o zblizonych
    poglądach i mnie zablokował.

  • Maciej Cisowski

    Jego blog, jego przywilej.

  • Anonymous

    Jasna sprawa, zgadzam się.

    Aczkolwiek banowanie za inne poglądy i kulturalne ich wykładanie to… w sumie nie wiem jak to ładnie nazwać :)

    W każdym razie dzięki za dyskusję. Pozdrawiam.

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