Double Dessert

I suppose our submitter must have grabbed a second treat while nobody was looking. Way to call that out!

  • Jennnnnn

    Ha!  Okay, that one made me laugh out loud.  I wish someone would Retart me.  

  • Martynas Vaitkus

    wow he improved :D, now he makes fun of stupidity not sexism :D is it good thing or bad can’t figure out damit, my stupid brains

  • Raichu

    haha, why does this have the “crudely creative” tag? That’s definitely not a creative insult. It’s old and overused.

  • DeathbyDD

     I wanna hide mah cupcakes, gummi bear and jellybeans and then snicker at the pez serving size of your twizzler.

  • Marcus TSB

    I’m not saying the pot met the kettle here, but…

  • Lucca Pin

    Wrong? Yes
    Sexist? No…

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