It Sounded Different In My Head

I know, OuterMantella3, sometimes we all get a little flustered and even a, “Hi, nice to meet you” ends up all weird.


  • Sarah Jankowski


  • Sean Mullen

    Not really, but it was raining hard earlier…

  • JPH

     It is unfortunate that while this sentence could theoretically be asking about any number of things being wet, we all know what he’s referring to. And wish he was referring to anything else.

  • SangestheLurker

    My favorite part of this one is that he’s presumedly the third person to try for that gamertag.

  • Anonymous

    Of course my Xbox isn’t wet, otherwise it wouldn’t be working. But after this last storm, I appreciate your concern for my gaming equipment. 

    That was what we were talking about, right?

  • Winston

    Actually he’d be the fourth. Just saying.

  • DeathbyDD

    *Desperately thinks of rainbows, unicorns, decapitations, and other pleasant things* ^_^

  • Raichu

    Is what wet? My house? The kitchen sink? Your bed?

  • WhyleKat

    Lullzzz!  Well put, sir or maddame.

  • Johanna Roberts

    Whenever someone says something like this I’m tempted to send them a picture of a cat in a bathtub.

  • Fay Brewer

    “”  what? Your noodle?

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