For That Distressed Denim Look

This player offers some fashion assistance to our friend Jenny Haniver, who does badass work over at Not In the Kitchen Anymore.

“I’m not really sure what to say about this message, besides a resounding ‘No thank you dude.’”

  • okidoll821

    I guess I’m getting old, but the first thing that entered my head is, “pants aren’t cheap”.

  • Kevin Brown

    Hello Ladies, I have a question for you all. How often do these comments occur? Which system do you use? Also, which games do these often occur on?  I am interested to see your answers because I use a PC myself and I barley see any comments like this. I honestly do not care about ones gender, rather their skill, the last time I played with a female gamer, we all had an awesome time, there was one sexist comment but the team shut him up and we continued as if it did not happen. I do know sexism does occur, I am not saying that I do not acknowledge it, but I rarely see it even when a female is playing. 

  • Shaya Johnston

    I’ve realized that comments like this occur mainly on fps games, and more on the Xbox than any other console or PC – for me at least.

  • Liv Suzanne Stubbe Teglbjærg

    I mostly stick with PC games myself, I prefer RPGs and not so much Shooters. I play an MMO game, in which I have encountered both rude and sleazy comments, but not very often, since I stick with playing with a certain group of people (a guild). I also play a lot with my boyfriend, who helps defending me if anybody says anything.

    I’ve tried playing the DOTA beta recently, and since you’re playing with/against random people all the time, the odds of running into idiots is much bigger than when I just play with regular friends. When I practice the game on my own, I don’t speak or write at all. I generally don’t showcase my gender, but when somebody asks I don’t lie about it either. I’m always a bit wary and try to avoid the subject, because it shouldn’t matter.I can imagine that it’s a much bigger problem with games where you constantly encounter new players, ’cause then you’ll run into the assholes sooner or later. So I avoid those games and communities.

  • RudeOnion

    I haven’t come across a lot of hatred or sexist comments, myself. But they really don’t seem to matter which system. I got screamed at the other night on PS3, which I think would be more common then on xbox, simply because there’s no option to party chat. Everyone hears what everyone else is saying. Honestly, I encounter extremely little talking on xbox. Then again, I don’t play COD, but I did play Halo extensively. 

  • RudeOnion

    So wait, is ‘ripping the pants’ now some new form of innuendo? Is he a pants fetishist?  Is he a pants-lover, and he rips them, is that considered sadomasochism?

    These are important questions!

  • DeathbyDD

     Well, Kevin, I don’t play MMOs (anymore), so most of the time this happens to me in online FPS games. I guess as a dude, you wouldn’t really be exposed to this type of stuff
    very often, huh? Still the last time that you played with a fem there was
    a sexist comment? Wowzers. Those odds seem…bad?
    I don’t like to relegate myself to single-player just cuz of these kinds of comments. I do however, never have my mike on. My tag is DeathbyDD and I play on da Box. Even so I only play games that allow fem. avatars (cuz I can’t get into a game very well if I can’t trasnspacially occupy a like-gendered avatar), so I DO get the occasional message. either that, or friends I’m playing with will talk to me (and I’ll text back when i can) and someone will pick up on my gender. Considering the rate of inappropriate messages I get despite not having a ‘I’m a gurrl!’ gamertag and not even speaking on a mike, I’d say female gamers that DO use both these things (nothing wrong with them) must be downright flooded with gender-hate mail. And I think thats an unhealthy enviornment and really sad. So when mah fem. friends site that as a reason they don’t play online, I nod in understanding while simultaniously praising those that choose to stick it out. ^_^

  • WhyleKat

    Exactly why fatuglyslutty is so hilarious.  It’s like eye opening to see even a fraction of what a female gamer goes through. 

     I play a ton of games online but rarely with strangers (Mostly only Battlefield or Racing games, majority of my online gaming circles around co-op / horde modes.)  So obviously, as a male, I never get any crazy sex based messages like what’s on this site.  In fact the only messages I’ve ever personally received was in Need for Speed.  And they were quite ridiculous but never based around gender.  Any other wacky messages during Battlefield or some other FPS was sent to the entire player list (or at least to me and all my friends.)

  • WhyleKat

    Racing or Sports games too I would assume… Those always feel way more personal *and rewarding* when you ace someone.

  • WhyleKat

    I’ve read that DOTA or LoL games are the worst for that sorta negativity, for both guys and girls (or for anyone new to the game.)  That style of multiplayer gaming just isn’t my thing tho, so I don’t know personally.

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