Before We Get Started

It should probably be noted that this submission came in before League of Legend’s Honor System was released. (Initial results are positive!)

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  1. This is why I don’t public que anymore.  Since my name has ‘princess’ in it one small mistake and i get harassed to no end for the duration on the game, and of course, blamed for the loss.  I have a lot of fun playing it but i hate the other people I’m forced to play with.  Would be nice if I could find good people to play with, but alas.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Hello I am ThePeen, my name is representative of what does all my thinking, is it female if it is I want its boobs, haha all my dudebros agree I’m a laff riot, rip off my face”

  3. DeathbyDD says:

    I lost my tits in the tragic tit war of 78…………….you know, like when you lost your dignity when da hormones kicked in and apparently never subsided enough to allow public communication. Very sad. Very sad.

  4. Mlyrin Sauvel says:

    that’s the first time i’ve seen such blatant demand of tits on LoL. So far i’ve only been seeing the occasional “are you a girl?” followed by fawning and crys for attention. My username gets me that kind of attention now and then, it’s hilarious.

    I have seen other kinds of misonygy though, but that was before I discovered this website(so no screenshots to send it, poop). Also, my friend gets 1 million friend invites from guys she doesn’t even know, nor never played with. It’s like they have a list of girls to add, somewhere in a secret vault. 

  5. Brian Engelstein says:

    This one scared me more than the others.  I got my sister into LoL, and while I knew there were creepy people on it, I have never seen it this directly.  I hope this doesn’t happen to her, and that honor works out and she won’t have to deal with stuff like this.   

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