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Which of these approaches would most likely cause you to respond in the affirmative?

12 Responses to Variety

  1. JPH says:

    RelegatedTrash doesn’t even have a gold account. How did he find you? And… why?

  2. Raichu says:

    None of them. However, MMiker gets points for creativity, Relegated Trash for brevity, and KkG Spacelyy for making me giggle. Thanks!

  3. wesley cole says:

    KkG Spacelyy does add a bit of exotica to the dick sucking invitation. 

  4. Hmm. Tough choice. But I have to go with  KkG, because I keep hearing “slob me crack, matey!” in my head, and I have a thing for pirates.

  5. DeathbyDD says:

     If this was a dating show, can they ALL be eliminated and the woman just go home with herself? XD

  6. AtroShus says:

    I have had the “Suck my M*** F*** dicK” said to me. My come back is “Ewwww Dude!! You F*** your mother!?”

  7. Anonymous says:

    ‘Slob Me Cack’ has to be the funniest thing I’ve read all week XD

  8. Anonymous says:

    These individuals have some very twisted psyches.  On the one hand, they probably all aspire to getting laid.  For most of them, these fantasies would involve a woman. Yet, here they are disrespecting, denigrating and cursing these very women they are no doubt lusting after.  So, let’s get this straight….   These individuals are trying to do what, feed their own egos, sense of power, compensate for feelings of worthlessness, who knows.  On they other hand, they are spitting on women and treating them as inferiors.  No doubt when they are putting the moves on a woman, they are probably quite charming, etc.  So basically, we are looking at a bunch of hypocrites.  They have to beat down women to foster some sense of control or power, but they also seek women out for relationships – sexual or maybe even deeper than that.  This is really schizophrenic.  Do they even know who they are?  These are some really confused people.  I wonder how prepared they would be for their work associates, their parents, siblings, etc. to know the kind of things they are saying to women.  I’m sure they keep this side of themselves hidden and only let it show to select audiences.  I’m sure that on some level they are ashamed.  I mean really, who would want to associate or be around someone capable of being so vicious to another human being?

  9. The questions are much more polite, in my opinion, but “Slob me cack,” would make me laugh hysterically instead of getting offended, so if you’re looking for a positive reaction, that’s the best you’re going to get there.

  10. MisterTibbs says:

    The only thing going through my head, apart from a seemingly endless gasp, is ‘does your mother know you speak to ladies like that, young man?’

    If I had to choose – slob me cack is a clear winner. It’s breath taking, really.

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