Very Focused

Unlike some we’ve seen before, DisgracedTuna keeps their comments game-related.

“I received the message while playing Left 4 Dead, and after being attacked by this guy while he was the smoker. I’m not really sure who he is or why he sent this, but it was indeed disturbing.”


  • The T

    Well, at least his gamertag fits him…?

  • Alex Camargo

    Oh wow how disgustingly creative -.-’ NO RESPECT!!!!!!

  • DeathbyDD

    Yeah thats not very creative. Also, Kill Et! Kill Et with FIRE! (cuz when specials catch fire they don’t stop burning) >XD
    Just curious tho, were you playing as Zoe?

  • Lydia Girdwood

    Yeah, I’ve definitely heard the smoker’s tongue being used in innuendo before. XD

  • Johannes Busch

    What great representation for the US Army. I can only hope he’s using their logo without actually being affiliated with them. 

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