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“While playing BTB on Halo: Reach with our usual party of 6 or 7, a random on our team decided to be a troll with messaging me multiple times and driving teammates off the map or straight into enemy fire. Aside from the creepy ‘meet me on the street’ part, based on his fabulous sense of direction and good judgement in game, I’m not sure if [...] would even know how or what to touch.”

  • Krista Roscovius

    Wait, so is he just going to be standing at the end (which end??) of the street all night long? Maybe this is his actual idea of romance, and he’ll be carrying flowers or chocolates. What a lucky girl you are! 

  • okidoll

    If he really meant it, he’s be standing there with an Xbox lifted up to the sky  with In Your Eyes blaring on his radio…………….. 

  • sketches

    well that’s why he goes for everything, he’s bound to touch something that counts.

  • Scott Lofty

    Odds are he screws that up and goes with Shock the Monkey.

  • DeathbyDD

    Wow! I was so confused the first time a ‘teammate’ drove me off a cliff. I just sat there for a full minute, eyes wide, staring. Then I calmly proceeded to hunt him. I don’t usually do that kinda thing, mind u! For some reason I didn’t get booted. >XD

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