Secret Strategy

Time IV War employs a method I really hadn’t considered when trying to turn a match around: become outnumbered by the winning team.

“We were in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier practice and our team was split up. I ended up on the other team, opposite my friends, with this player. They were super pissed and were losing to my girls badly. It was pretty funny.”

Time IV War

  • remeranAuthor

    How humiliating must it be to lose to a cum dumpster?

    Probably humiliating enough to hassle them over xbox.

  • Earthbound_X

     I think he’s should be more surprised and in wounder how a dumpster became sentient and is playing a videogame.

  • Thef Ridge

    Got to say this actually makes me sad…

  • Dominic Maca

    Kids, lol. Must have been quite a game…

  • Krista Roscovius

    ‘Fukkin’ ? I have no knowledge of this word :/ 

  • DeathbyDD

    The dumpster that wouldn’t quit: An Inspiring True Story of One Dumpster Who COULD.

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