PAAAAAAAAX! It’s PAX! For the first time since its inception, the FUoS staff are all in the same country, let alone city, at the same time! Wooooo!

For those of you who can’t be here at PAX, gtz will be on a panel later on this afternoon (5:30pm Pacific) and it will be streamed for your viewing pleasure! If you see us around the convention, say HAI!!

LFL CRIM3Z welcomes our submitter the best way they know how.


  • JPH

    I think this dude’s profile picture is very fitting.

  • Anonymous

    Answer: kicking your ass.

  • Earthbound_X

    Nice irony, haha.

  • Cierra Townsend

    That more annoying than rude but I’d still report him.

  • Rachel Lowers

    well i normally get asked if im a 12 yr old boy where my balls didnt drop yet!! 

  • Iggy

     Yeah, I get that, too. XD

  • sketches

    bah, why aren’t you having coffee afternoons or clothes shopping or socializing at cocktail parties?? isn’t that what young penisless people do?!?!

  • Krista

    I like to imagine that he self-destructed at the end ^^ 

  • DeathbyDD

    Its geek, actually. Nerds are like, scientists and stuff!
    Geeks know LOTS of info about fantastical things!
    Nerds may or may not be geeks who make the sci fi stuff happen irl! XD

  • manybellsdown

    I picked up my husband’s mic on Halo once, to let his team know he had to take a call and would be right back.  There was a moment of dead silence, and then a hushed voice asked, “Is … that his MOM?!”

  • okidoll

    Lame attempt at someone’s dad trying to be funny? It isn’t really insulting as much as dumb and annoying.

  • DeathbyDD


  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the Xbox Live employees appreciate you wasting their time.

  • DeathbyDD

     Taking their precious time away from…what? Its their job to care if someone feels discriminated against, yo! They get paid monies for it and everything! ^_^

  • Krista Roscovius

     Yeah – why should they have to do what they’re getting paid for??


  • Anonymous

    And he ends it with LOL. Haha!

  • JustPlainSomething

    Because being a nerd is embarrassing on XBox? Oh wait, being a woman is embarrassing in general, right? Is that what you’re saying?

  • Alex Camargo

    Wait if I’m playing Xbox and you’re playing Xbox and you consider me a nerd for playing Xbox…. Doesn’t that mean you also fall in as a nerd?

    He is as dumb as Peter Griffin XD

  • DeathbyDD

     I think being a woman is GREAT! ^_^

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