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Our submitter received this audibly-sincere question from snizzle5983 while in a Left 4 Dead lobby.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3PN2QS3J4W6F46ENBCMON3SJLA Krista

     Yup – I’ve heard that before, once. It wasn’t asked quite the same way, but it didn’t make me feel any less dirty or uncomfortable.

    Ditto for when someone offered to ‘hold my hand while going to the bathroom’. Not something I care to be offered, again.

  • Brooke Newman

    Larger than life.

    I would probably say that but as Krista said, my comeback and the comment itself would not make me feel any less dirty.

    I once was asked, “What is your favorite type of underwear” during Search and Destroy on Call of Duty: Black Ops.  The entire opposing team kept making comments that were centered around what my lingerie choice was.  

  • http://facebook.com/deathbydd DeathbyDD

     Yep, comments that focus on your gender like that dehumanize you. You stop being a fellow player and become ‘a girl!’ *gaspage!*

  • wiwille

    I like breasts as much as the next guy, maybe more, but I’ll never understand the point of asking this question to someone you’ll never see. If he was just trying to degrade the poor girl, mission accomplished, but lacks points in creativity. If you’re going to be a mysoginistic jerk, at least be clever, or you can, you know, stop being a mysoginistic jerk and let girls play games in peace.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3PN2QS3J4W6F46ENBCMON3SJLA Krista

     Because as everyone knows, females are such a rare commodity on this planet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.janet.1 Rachel Janet

     i would tell them more than you can handle!! lol

  • http://facebook.com/deathbydd DeathbyDD

     For realz!? I don’t think so but if it were true…Wow I guess that should make us feel special. It makes us feel like the few, the proud, the femme! Instead its more like either:
    WOW! U r gurl! Boobz! Hurhurhur!
    Wow! U r *hatespeech here* Hurhurhur!
    Neither iz really terribly better than the other imo
    Its like the equivalent of being excited/disgusted by someone’s ethnicity and seeing them as that as opposed to what they are a part of.
    I think I really prefer the ‘you are gamer? Cool.” attitude MUCH more! *nodnod* ^_^

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ezequiel-Barisov/100004279624217 Ezequiel Barisov

    The fact that he does not sound like a prepubescent worries me. 

  • Anonymous

    Many of the vocal misogynists online aren’t prepubescent.  I don’t have any hard percentages, but they seem about just as likely to be prepubescent as they aren’t.

  • http://facebook.com/deathbydd DeathbyDD

     I’ve yet to be insulted by a kiddo. Grown men, ho! ^_^

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