Practice Makes Perfect

Kache45 shares their favourite gaming tip!

“After playing Living Dead on Halo: Reach I receive this message when I am at the top of the kill list.”


  • manybellsdown

    Well I guess that explains why he was losing.

  • Anonymous

    God dammit no!!! Do not disgrace John Marston by using his picture when sending such inane crap!

  • William Clarke

    Pro-Tip: try practicing with a controller :)

  • Scott Lofty

    Thanks for the pro-tip dudebro!

  • Krista

    Thanks for sharing, man. 

  • DeathbyDD

    Why don’t you just go play with your joystick? ^_~

  • Chanden Hogue

    …I don’t get why this post is here, that’s not insulting to anyone but perhaps the guy/gal who sent it…

  • Cavan Dastvan

    This is now my favorite website for lols, thank you reddit, I am a guy btw, but its just so funny to see these massive trashcans talk smack to girls haha.

  • Krista Roscovius

     Funny, lame and horribly sad, all rolled into one ;)

  • Alex Camargo

    What does this have to do with Kicking Your ass?!

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