Pleased to Meet You! Now…

DeAdGiRlZrEasy is really excited to make new friends.


  • Anonymous

    lol well his name says it all

  • Anonymous

    Oh, you’re right. Yikes.

  • Krista


    I feel that would be a suitable finish.

    And yeah, that GT is really creepy… I’d say that might just be FNC-able, if reported.

  • DeathbyDD

     Of course, good sir! Let me get right to that!!!!! :D

  • Robert Dowding

    A guy that doesnt have respect for a woman in this setting treats them the same in everyday life.I think women gamers are awesome.

  • Anonymous

     Well, I think YOU’RE awesome :D

  • wiwille

    Actually I think this less than clever moron probably is the type to allow himself to get walked all over by any and all women he encounters, as he’s frightened to death of a lady.

  • Alex Camargo

    Dead girls are the only girls he gets apparently o.O

  • Tom Graham

    He’s clearly just pretending to host Family Feud.

    “Thing’s DeAdGiRlZrEaSy will never get to see”

  • Sib

    That’s actually a song title by The 69 Eyes. Some of their titles are weird like that, but the band is still awesome. I’m really hoping he named his avatar after this song and not for being a douchebag!

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