The Soft Approach

There seems to be a loose correlation emerging between what ARxRUBIKSxCUBE requests and the way it’s worded.

“After a matchmaking game in Halo, I received this message. I did however send him a link to troll feet. Never heard back from him ;)”

(click for big)


  • Sarah Jankowski

    hahahahahahahaa…..Oooooh myyy…..that’s just plain weird/funny XD

  • Krista

    Hey, it’s weird, but at least he’s being fairly nice about it, lol. At least it’s better then, “GIMME A PIC OF UR F33T B1TCH!!!!1″

  • remeranAuthor

    People with fetishes always sort of confuse me on a weird level. Like… I don’t think feet are sexy. I don’t think MY feet are sexy. If I’m around a person without a foot fetish I don’t mind walking around barefoot. When I’m around a person with a foot fetish, I wear freaking snow boots.

    I don’t really understand this about myself. Maybe you should send the guy the picture?

  • Fay Brewer

    RemeranAuthor Are these people with the foot fetishes really obvious? I’ve never come across any to the best of my knowledge, but I’d probably put the boots on, also

  • DeathbyDD

    So do people with foot fetishes admire their own feeties too? That would be either really convenient or extremely distracting. ^_~

  • Alex Camargo

    XD good job sending him the link XD

  • Cassie

    I’d have send a pic of my husbands feet, hes got some big ugly hobbit feet haha

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