Wrong All This Time

oll Quake llo has me questioning if I’ve been pronouncing it correctly.

oll Quake llo

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  1. Joe McIntosh says:

    50% spelling accuracy. 

  2. Krista says:

    On a totally related note, I sent a text to my brother asking if his job was currently hiring. Only the first time, I typed ‘horing’. It’s a hospital job, too O.o

    • Roger M. Wilcox says:

      Well, that explains it! oll Quake llo here was trying to say that the submitter was a lesbian hire. It all makes sense now!

  3. DeathbyDD says:

     Well that seems like an unlikly lot of private insight and not a very nice way of putting it. Lesbians are GREAT! And um (i’m guessing) whoring is a tough job and too seldom a choice so…yeah! Odd message, yo! ^_^

  4. Reminiscent of Big Daddy Kane’s “Lesbian Whoring Ain’t Easy.”

  5. Alexander Mutegeki says:

    This is so offensive! Doesn’t he realize whoring is not a choice!? Ur born with it or not. So insensitive. But seriously, I can’t even imagine what an appropriate response is – other than, you know, “well, ur a straight penis-for-hire”. It is interesting how invested people are in their videogame experiences, such that they HAVE to say something hurtful no to “lose”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good God, I don’t think that any of the “boys” that send female gamers these types of messages have even passed the 3rd grade!

    • DeathbyDD says:

      In my experience they tend to be adults with lots of friends cheering their behavior on. Best way to teach them is to just keep humiliating them by winning but stay SUPER nice in chat! >XD

  7. Alexander Mutegeki says:

    I see what you are saying, I sometimes wonder which one “comes first” so to speak. Does anonymity make it easier to say the hurtful things I want to say, or am I investing too much of my personal worth in the outcome of the game? Personally I think it’s the latter, and the former makes it infinitely more likely that I’ll act on my hurt feelings/affronted self-worth. That, still, doesn’t answer the question of why one would use gender-derogatory terms.

    • DeathbyDD says:

       Because its easy. Because thats what they feel. Because their society tells them its not so bad. Because its likely to strike a chord– just like a racial slur.

  8. Alex Camargo says:

    I dont understand why guys automatically assume that girls are gay if they play Xbox o.o Then again I’m a bad example -.-‘

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