Beyond Compare

AYO S3VEN sees a very steep curve between his score and the others.

“I got this message from a guy who was in my friends party while playing MW3 after a kill confirmed match on xbox. He went 26 and 10 while I was 25 and 12. So according to his logic everyone in that match must have been horrible players.”


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  1. Awesome grammar!

  2. Rule of thumb: If it’s too much of a bother to spell it right, then you shouldn’t type it at all. Just sayin’. Peace!

  3. …my fuck horrible what?

  4. i sincerely hope for all our sakes that these gamers are part of a much despised minority. I’m a guy and i’ve gotten hate mail like that too; the good old days on Halo 2 where every missed head-shot would get you an outpouring of hate about how lousy i was as a man, that my mum was a [place favorite misogynistic expletive here]. What’s worse is that so many of them are actually very young. Too often i would find and still do find, even in the PC-gaming community which i now inhabit, nine-year-olds playing Battlefield 3, trying to make themselves look “manly and cool” by deriding others. I believe, although i have yet to prove this theory, that much of what we see in examples such as the above is men–young, mentally or physically (most likely the former rather than the latter)–trying to inflate their own egos and boasting to their pals that they can “pick up hot chickz with their gaming skillz”, something as illusory as their control of grammar.   

  5. Actually this is one of the few older people I had played against. He sounded like he was in his 20’s. Usually the people I deal with in the lobby all sound like they are 15 max.

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