A Date for Every Console

Always on Xbox. What does it mean? Is Cosmo Craze99 part of a group of people who have a harem spread-out across various games and systems? Do we need a new Facebook status to accommodate this?

Cosmo Craze99

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its time to take the mic away from these sad little boys until they can learn how to play nice with others.  As a female gamer in my .. ok, I’ll just say it .. mid-50s I’ve begun to steer clear of online play because I just don’t find it fun to play alongside of these sad little boys.  Kudos to those who continue to play as they enjoy and report the uncivil hate out there!  I just can no longer stomach the petty pathetic nonsense so I now mostly play solo or only with friends I know well.

    • Earthbound_X says:

      It helps if you’re in a party with friends, so you can’t hear them, you can even make you own party, when you’re by yourself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have the time to game the way I used to (I’m in my mid-50s, too, SeaRose, so you’re not alone), but we own a PS3, on which my older son plays, among other games, Battlefield3, and while there are some gamers who get offensive, just in general, I don’t notice as much out and out abuse.  I have noticed that when someone does start running their mouth, the other players tend to gang up on them, and shut them down.  Also, PS3 players seem to be older demographic which seem more intent on enjoying the game, rather than trying to prove their manliness, or lack thereof.

  3. Anonymous says:

    lol this is not real!!! Are people this lame :D

    When my wife plays online she gets a hand full of weird ass messages, wish i could see their faces when im the one to reply to them :p 

  4. DeathbyDD says:

    Another one of these, huh? I dun’ use mah headset anymore. It really helps to cut down on the stalker types and the womanz haterz. But I realize that its not really a solution. If nobody challenges these dudes they will only continue to ostracize new arrivals.

  5. Krista Roscovius says:

    I got a message like that from someone. I won’t post it here, but let’s just say our gaming session got fairly awkward after that. Guys, I understand that you might think it’s sweet and that every girl is going to melt over it. But more often she’ll find it awkward, weird and more then a little desperate. 

  6. Actuality says:

    Always on xbox? Hmmm I play xbox and I’m gay. Thanks for generalizing all xbox players as misogynists.

    This blog is pitiful.

    • You need to brush up on your set theory.

      (For the record, all four of the founders of this site also play xbox.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait a tic!

      The “always on Xbox” line is a reference that the four submissions on this site that are of a guy looking for a girlfriend are all on Xbox.  It’s a bit of an amusing coincidence considering there are other platforms this could happen on.  I mean, three-out-of-four of these submissions are specifically asking for an “Xbox Girlfriend”, which implies the amusing notion of someone collecting girlfriends on various platforms.  That’s the joke here, friend!

      I feel as though you’re making a leap by saying this site generalizes all Xbox players as misogynists (I’m also an XBox player).  I don’t think this site necessarily claims that everyone featured in these submissions are misogynists, just inappropriate (in some cases, such as the submission above).

    • JPH says:

       Saying “always on xbox” doesn’t imply everyone on xbox is a misogynist, and I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that it does.

  7. Alex Camargo says:

    WTF?! What is this Facebook GAWD!!!! No man!

    • DeathbyDD says:

       Hey! Facebook (like myspace was) is NEAT! You meet all sorts of angry peoplez and then you be nice to them and then they smile and its SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS! So if this is like facebook, then YAY! ^_^

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